LUVS First Kid/Second Kid

As soon as I had my daughter I knew I would be breastfeeding as long as I was able.   In the beginning I was shy and covered up constantly.  I was a little uncomfortable when I was in the hospital and everyone would just talk to me while I was nursing.  I felt like it was something that I should be doing in private.   Now that she's nearly 2 months a lot has changed and I know I'll be a pro by the … [Read more...]

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller {Review}

We just had bike trails built over the summer just down the road from us. I was so excited and couldn't wait until they were done. Once they were of course it was so hot that it was hard to find a good time to be out on them. Having a baby under 6 months tough. He was too small for a bike ride by  long shot and the distance I wanted to go was too far to carry him. When I started looking into … [Read more...]

$100 Amazon Gift Card From @JoeShopping Giveaway!

This Christmas season it seems everything everyone wants is so expensive. I've been doing my best trying to look for sales and compare fliers but it gets so overwhelming. There are so many stores and so many online retailers now a days it almost seems impossible to keep track of them all. So, I'm left with either spending my time driving from place to place, going through fliers and from website … [Read more...]

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – Week Three

As you know I just got back from vacation. That means a week off the Total Gym. I definitely felt the difference when I got back on this morning. However, in Las Vegas there is a TON of walking. The ABC Expo was 17 miles alone if you walked all the booths. I did that about 5x. Now count in all the hotels and casino's you can triple that and more. I was completely out of shape before I started the … [Read more...]

Wisk Lab – Tailgate Party Experiment!

As you know I am one of theI have been putting the New Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology to the ultimate test! Our most recent test was a fun one that required having a tailgating party! Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to fill up our grill with some gas but I thought it would be great for our chicken nugget lunch. While normally I don't really need to take the ketchup to Johnny since … [Read more...]

My Beating Heart A Soft & Huggable Heart That Beats- Review

I had never heard of My Beating Heart until the company reached out to me but this is one of those products that makes you smack you head and say 'How come I've never thought about this' because it make so much sense. When both boys were baby's they simply adored having those little stuffed animals that clipped to the crib and imitated the sound of the mother's beating heart.When hugging My … [Read more...]

Tinker Bell & the Great Fairy Rescue! Blu-ray & DVD Available Tomorrow!

Before she was ever introduced to Wendy and the Lost Boys, Tinker Bell met Lizzy, a girl with a steadfast belief in fairies. Tinker Bell and the Great Fairy Rescue begins in summertime in the beautiful English countryside. An enchanting encounter unfolds when Tinker Bell is discovered by Lizzy, and as their different worlds unite, Tink develops a special bond with the curious girl in need of a … [Read more...]

York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo & Amusement Park {York Beach, Maine} Review

I told you all about my family vacation to Maine last week. I also mentioned a place called York's Wild Kingdom & Amusement Park in York Beach, ME. Well I really wanted to take a moment to tell you much more about it! From either direction you enter (zoo side/park side) you'll never believe how amazingly huge it is until you get inside. My family has visited the Amusement Park side every … [Read more...]