Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – Week Three

As you know I just got back from vacation. That means a week off the Total Gym. I definitely felt the difference when I got back on this morning. However, in Las Vegas there is a TON of walking. The ABC Expo was 17 miles alone if you walked all the booths. I did that about 5x. Now count in all the hotels and casino's you can triple that and more. I was completely out of shape before I started the … [Read more...]

Total Gym Total Mom Challange – Week Two

As you know I work for an after school science enrichment program. Our programs kick off in just a few weeks which now means incredibly long hours at work. The last thing I wanted to do getting home at 10pm was work out. I averaged about every other day this week which isn't bad but it's not great. By missing one day I made it an effort to make sure I did it the next. The fact that Gavin has … [Read more...]

Total Gym Total Mom Challange – Week One (and discount code)

It's been a week now for the Total Mom Total Gym Challenge and what a week it has been. I have had such a crazy busy week this past week that I am so glad this is a review. This is how I get easily side tracked and then it just becomes a shift in priorities. I am hoping that it being a shift in the positive direction after forcing it into my schedule. After all eight weeks is quite a bit of … [Read more...]

The Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – I’m Bringing Sexy Back!

I'm sure you've heard about the Total Gym Total Mom Challenge by now. There are ten of us bloggers putting the amazingly awesome Total Gym XLS to the ultimate test!For the next eight weeks that ten of us are going to keep you up to date on our journey with the Total Gym. Our ups, our downs, and everything in between. If you'd like to follow all of us here is the complete list of girls … [Read more...]