The Total Gym – End Result

As you know I had been doing The Total Gym Total Gym Challenge for the past few weeks. I've had my ups and my downs and its definitely been an experience. Now it is time for me to wrap things up and give you my final thoughts on this gym. The Total Gym: This is a great purchase as it comes with everything you could possibly think of. Once it comes in you won't need to purchase anything … [Read more...]

The Convenience of the Total Gym

The one thing over the past few weeks with the Total Gym that has been great is its convenience. Having it in my home and being able to use it when it is convenient to me and my schedule is one of the best parts of this gym. With Halloween just passing and the next set of holidays quickly approaching my schedule is all over the place. I don't really have a two hour window to run off to the gym. … [Read more...]

Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – Week Three

As you know I just got back from vacation. That means a week off the Total Gym. I definitely felt the difference when I got back on this morning. However, in Las Vegas there is a TON of walking. The ABC Expo was 17 miles alone if you walked all the booths. I did that about 5x. Now count in all the hotels and casino's you can triple that and more. I was completely out of shape before I started the … [Read more...]