LUVS First Kid/Second Kid

As soon as I had my daughter I knew I would be breastfeeding as long as I was able.   In the beginning I was shy and covered up constantly.  I was a little uncomfortable when I was in the hospital and everyone would just talk to me while I was nursing.  I felt like it was something that I should be doing in private.   Now that she’s nearly 2 months a lot has changed and I know I’ll be a pro by the time I have my second child!  I went to a breastfeeding support group due to latch issues and everyone was just out and free breastfeeding their baby.  I was a little hesitant to nurse in public, but quickly realized this is what I’m meant to do.  This is natural.  So now I’ll nurse my daughter wherever we are.  I could be in the middle of shopping and if I can find somewhere to sit I will nurse her if she’s in need. It didn’t take me long to realize that my both my daughter and I should be content.  I am extremely comfortable with nursing my baby, and I enjoyed LUVS new Breastfeeding Commercial showing how a first time mother compared to a second time mother nurses in a public situation.  I could definitely relate to both scenarios!!  Check out the video and let me know what you think! Hubby even had a little chuckle!

(stay tuned after other funny videos!)

Disclosure: LUVS provided complimentary diapers in order to share this post.


  1. Jenn B says

    I love this commercial!!!

  2. I bf both of mine until they were almost 2. I was shy. I had one that was born with a cyst under his tongue. His tongue was lopsided. I was able to get him to latch, it’s just that I had to see what I was doing. Once he was old enough to know what to do, he was too active to stay covered up. The 2nd one I was thinking, “I’ve got this down.” NOPE! He wouldn’t latch right. He lost too much weight. It ended up being a similar situation to the first. I used dressing rooms, mommy room and my car to bf in. My sister could always be in public. I had no problem with the idea. I think women should be able to for sure!

  3. Melissa says

    I love any commercial or promotion of breastfeeding. That being said I DESPISE the commercial line by loves, First Kid/Second Kid. It is absolutely ridiculous and insulting. The commercials are insinuating that parents are better parents after a second child! I am a proud parent of an only, and it is staying that way. That does not make me less of a parent. I am tired of remarks and insinuation that you are not truly a parent until you have had multiple children, it is ridiculous. That is like saying you are not truly a sister until you have two siblings, or that you are not really a wife until you’ve had two marriages. Screw that, I’ve got one child, and one marriage of ten years. I am a damn fine mother, I don’t need to have more than one child to know how to take care of my precious little one.

    • Jennifer says

      I don’t agree. I think it just means that you just find easier ways to do things. I’m sorry you took it as an attack I really don’t think any of that is being implied.

      • Melissa says

        In most areas it is still very much a stigma to be an only child-parent, and only child! I’ve heard all sorts of critical and downright cruel comments because I’ve chosen, and have had chosen for me for medical reasons, that our family will remain a family of 3. Once she was old enough to walk, I started hearing “the question” that only parents get, everywhere, from friends and family to complete strangers, “when are you having your next child” which is usually followed by comments about being cruel to my child for not providing her a playmate, to people downright saying I am not a parent until I have more than one. that is just the mentality of many people. I have left playgrounds and even playgroups because of cruel people acting like they are better people and parents for having more than one.

        • Melissa says

          as well as comments about my child, claiming she will not be socially adjusted, she will be lonely, she won’t be able to share and she will be spoiled and a brat. All of these are misconceptions. My daughter is the most well behaved child you will meet for her age. She is 3 and can read, has been for a year; is very polite with please and thank you’s, has learned everything and above that she will need for preschool and kindergarten and she is not even in preschool yet. All this because she is an only child and has the benefit of so much one on one time with both parents. Yes she does have A LOT of clothes and toys, but she knows when we are out if she wines or asks repeatedly for things she will not get anything during the trip, and if she misbehaves anything special bought for her, from a treat, to a book or toy, will be put back.

          • Jennifer says

            Again, no one is fighting you on that. This is just saying you realize where you would make changes and what you would do differently.

    • Wow I did not see that at all. And since you will only be having one child, you will never know how much you relax with your second child. Like my mother would sterilize everything for me, but 6 years later when she had my brother she didn’t do that at all. It’s not saying since you only have one child you aren’t a better parent, but you won’t get how much you chill the heck out the next time.

  4. Melissa says

    I never said I was arguing with anyone. I simply made a statement about my feelings towards the commercial line. Your response to my comment was an argument “I don’t agree”. I believe that if you start your parenting journey with some experience and knowledge you know better than packing an entire rugs worth of gear for an outing. I am proof of that. I was 27 when I had my child, read multiple books, and have watched children since I was still one. I am not the only one upset by Luv’s commercial line, all of my other friends of only children had the same response I did to this commercial line. Luvs did multiple commercials portraying first time parents (and thus the line can be drawn to only parents) as inept.

    • Jennifer says

      Um, just because you read books and waited until you were 27 doesn’t make you a better mom??? I am no more a better parent to my 1 year old then I am my almost 13 year old. I just do things differently this time around. They never called the first time parent inept but portrayed them maybe as overwhelmed. I think I was incredibly overwhelmed and I’d be surprised to find a new mom who isn’t.

    • This is my first time being a mommy.. that being said I found the commercials funny. I can see where you would think it wasn’t, but I really don’t think that was their intent. Plus I’ve already become the “second time” parent with my first 😉

  5. Christi says

    I think, Melissa, that you’re sensitive to the topic because of your situation, but the fact is you DO learn things from experience, beyond what books could ever teach you… And that’s all the commercial is making light of.

  6. Melissa says

    Yes you learn from experience, which is why it’s important to watch other young children, infants and newborns before you have your own, if you can. Which I had stated I did, very sorry to have ever found this page, you can be sure I will not visit again, as I feel like I’ve been attacked for voicing my opinion. Also, I do think, for me, waiting until I was 27 was the best idea. My plan was wait until I was closer to 30, but ended up pregnant on the pill, and very lucky for that, as when she was delivered by emergency C-section after a high risk pregnancy where I nearly lost her many times, I found out my uterous was in such bad shape from endometroiosis that the doctor could not believe I had kept the pregnancy to full term, and did not think I would have ever had another child, even if I wanted to (had a tubal at her delivery). I grew up in a very bad situation of abuse. My earliest memories are of such horrible experiences at the age of about 3 years old. By waiting I had that time after graduating high school until my pregnancy for my life to be all about me, self discovery, getting my college education and starting my career, getting to really know my husband-baby daddy 🙂 and of course having a lot of fun. Most people get to have fun and be a little wild in their teens, I did not get that. For me to have had a child in my early 20’s would have been a big mistake. I would not have had the chance to finish college (at least not in the time frame I did) and have my advanced degree in the health care field or to find myself. That being said, the same is not true for everyone. Most people do not have the experiences I have had. My only overwhelmed moments I can recall, you get with every baby, no matter if you have the experience or not, and that would have been dealing with colic, and of course those early months when it could be difficult to determine why your baby is crying.

  7. Tiffany says

    I don’t think this commercial is trying to insult anyone, it’s just VERY relatable for a lot of parents who have more than one child. I have honestly done things a little differently with each child depending on what has worked for us and because each child and situation is different. Melissa, I don’t think you are less of a parent for only having one child, and you definitely aren’t the only parent who gets unwanted questions or pokes. That can go for any controversial topic: breast vs. bottle, circumcision vs. not, large vs. small families, cloth vs. disposable, vaccinating vs. not, working vs. SAHM. I know I’ve gotten them and I’m sure every woman who has posted here has gotten them in one way or another. No one can really prepare you for motherhood until you have a baby and experience it for yourself.

    In the end, everyone does things that work for them and their family.

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