Carter’s Easter Sale! $50 Gift Card Giveaway!

I have a problem. A shopping problem actually. See I love little clothes. The small they are, they cuter they are! So when little boy blue came into our lives my addiction came back. See? Sawyer has so much Carter's we could probably open our own store. We love that their clothing is soft, cute, and easy to put on and take off. With Easter around the corner it's the perfect stop for Easter … [Read more...]

Family Dollar Stores

Family Dollar. Where do I begin. I'm not a fan of posting unfavorable reviews. Really I'm not. I prefer to not post about them or just avoid them but this one was unavoidable so here is my experience with Family Dollar. Hopefully this will help the company clean up the ones in my area as from searching online it seems other areas have some great stores. This store in the photo isn't the first one … [Read more...]

$100 Amazon Gift Card From @JoeShopping Giveaway!

This Christmas season it seems everything everyone wants is so expensive. I've been doing my best trying to look for sales and compare fliers but it gets so overwhelming. There are so many stores and so many online retailers now a days it almost seems impossible to keep track of them all. So, I'm left with either spending my time driving from place to place, going through fliers and from website … [Read more...]