Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Ten

I feel like month 10 was huge for Sawyer. There were so many changes from the beginning of the month til the end. For starters we went from only 2 bottom teeth to five. All three teeth cam in on top. And that tongue of his is in every photo as it's always hanging out of his mouth. This photo was even featured on the Zutano facebook page last month too! We started introducing a lot … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Nine

My baby is getting so big. He is learning things so quickly now and has such great positive personality and just reflects back in all his photos! He is really sitting well at this point and when you can get him to pay attention and sit still (which is incredibly challenging at times) he'll give you such a great photo. He even let me catch his two bottom teeth he finally got in month nine. He … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Eight

 I can't believe I stopped these Daily Dose posts. Well, no more we're getting back on track! Sawyer is far too cute to keep to myself. Remember these Daily Dose posts are all the pictures I share each month on my facebook compiled down to my favorites. Since I always do the previous month these are all actually from late November/ Early December. My Favorite Instagram shots I shared. This … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month SIX!

Can you believe my baby turned 7 months? Yeah, neither can I. Here are all the great facebook shared photos that are on my favorite list. It's getting harder and harder to chose which is why there are so many!!! With him getting bigger I am loving his little personality that is coming out of him. He's such a happy baby! Unless he's sleeping. He sleeps so well. He takes about 3 good naps … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month FIVE!

I can't believe how big my baby is getting and how fast he's growing. This month started off with a bang on teething. Everything and anything he could get in his mouth was there. We tried all sorts of teethers, wet frozen wash clothes, you name it but none of it worked. So we've been rather fussy this month. Fussy- but of course still cute. Of course we're keeping the lookout for when one … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month FOUR!

Where oh where is the time going? I feel like he getting so big so fast! I just peeked through ALL the past Daily Dose of Sawyer posts and I can't believe how big he's getting and what an adorable little boy he has become. We are all so in ♥ with him! My grandparents come up and spend about 8 weeks every summer with my Dad. We go up to my Dad's for dinner every Monday night so we see them often. … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month THREE!

As you know by now many of you just love my daily postings of Sawyer. I love the emails from all of you on just how precious you think he is. It just warms my heart. The bigger boys are such great big brothers too. Little Sawyer is so lucky to be so loved. We have this hands IN mouth thing going on. We'll even take the other hand to try and help. Hysterical, right? It's all.the.time … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer from Month TWO

I can't believe my little man is three months still. I am so happy to be capturing every moment I can in pictures. For every picture I share with you on facebook there are about 10 more being taken. Believe it or not I've actually printed every photos I've taken since he's been born! Of course getting them in the photo albums is a whole other story! Here are some of the favorites that I shared … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Two

The past two months have been amazing, awful, crazy, peaceful, insane, beautiful, and so much more then I an describe. Having Sawyer is a blessing that I am absolutely consumed with love. I can't imagine not having him in our lives and I'm so happy to be blessed with this miracle we thought we couldn't have. As you know I am constantly sharing photos of him with you on my facebook page (@Jennifer … [Read more...]