Sawyer’s Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

I was just recently asked about Sawyer’s Pirate Themed Birthday Party and how I made something and I referred her to my blog and I quickly realized I never finished sharing all the details! So I thought before another birthday year passes I would share with you all the fabulous ideas we had to make this such a great party!

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

I knew from the start that I wanted a Pirate Themed Birthday Party. I found & bought these Jack pirate invitations on Etsy and they even printed and shipped for me. They came out great! I will definitely check out her shop for future parties! Speaking of future parties, we will definitely be rebooking the Amelia Park Children’s Museum. All the kids had such a fun time and space in the room was perfect. I love bringing all my own decorations so I love that they let you in early and do it all yourself.

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

There are lots of different areas for everyone to play and I was able to take some fun photos of all our friends enjoying themselves too!

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday PartySawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday PartySawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

I tried to keep things fun and used items that would give me the most bang for my buck. I bought a lot of it from Oriental Trading & Hobby Lobby! Since I knew I didn’t have a lot of prep time there I wanted things that could all arrive pretty much ready.

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday PartySawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party
I shared and made these Pirate Treasure Sensory Kit Goody Boxes for all the children who attended. I loved that we personalized them all with their name too! My goal was to have something they could take away and play with instead of right into the trash. Even if they didn’t care for the sensory craft they, at least, had a cool tub for their room.

Pirate Ship Sensory Kit Goody Boxes for Pirate Party
I also gave everyone their own pirate hat, eye patch & sword. I wasn’t sure if giving a whole bunch of children swords was a good idea or not but it turned out to be just fine. The placemats were little DIY Treasure Maps. Everyone really enjoyed them.

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday PartySawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

We even made our own pirate photo props with my Silhouette. I used a silverware holder to display them.

Make Your Own Photo Booth Props for your Pirate Birthday Party {Fun Crafts with Mom}
We also made a simple & cheap party backdrop to take pictures in front of. This is pretty much the only way we got any photos of the teens in attendance.

Cheap & Simple Backdrop Idea
The biggest hit of our Pirate Themed Birthday Party were these fun Tick Tock Croc Crocodile Cupcakes. I’ll be linking over to the directions on how to make them shortly. They were so easy and fun!

Tick Tock Croc Pirate Crocodile Cupcakes

Sawyer thought it was pretty awesome too!

Tic Toc Croc Pirate Cupcakes

When he made a wish I also took my favorite photo from the whole party. I just love this picture.

Tic Toc Croc Pirate Cupcakes


Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

Sawyer's Fun Pirate Themed Birthday Party

This was such a fun theme to have for a birthday party! Click here to check out all our Pirate Birthday Party posts!

Pirate Themed Birthday Party
I can’t believe it’s almost time to start planning the next one already! What’s your favorite part of his pirate party?



  1. Terri S. says

    Sawyer looks like he had a blast! You had so many great party ideas. My youngest granddaughter turned 5 in Sept. She had picked the pirate themed party again and loved it! She had chosen the same theme for her 4th birthday. We had different games and decorations for each year. I’m hoping she picks a new theme for her 6th birthday. I LOVED THE CROCODILE CUPCAKES! So in case she is still obsessed with pirates for her 6th b-day, I’ll definitely make those cute croc cupcakes. Thanks for reminding me about Oriental Trading. 🙂

  2. Looks like Sawyer had a great party! Love all the pirate details, especially the sensory goody box.

  3. What an amazing pirate party! I love the theme – and finding the invitations on Etsy was so cool. The sensory bins are my favorite – I would’ve never thought about doing something like that for the kids to take home, but it is WAY cooler than throw away junk stuff they get at parties sometimes. You did a wonderful job with this party!

  4. That does look like a fun party! I love the cupcake idea! Everything turned out so cute.

  5. My favorite part were the invites and the crocodile cupcakes! This party must have been a blast. I gave my daughter a pirate birthday party when she turned 6. We had so much fun! Thank you for sharing.

  6. This looks like an awesome pirate party.

  7. vickie couturier says

    I LOVE THIS ideal,my smaller grandsons are into pirates big time and their birthdays are 2 weeks apart so they usually share a party,,this is awesome

  8. what a CUTE party!! You did an amazing job!!

  9. Michelle Bartley says

    That cake is amazing!!

  10. Linda Manns Linneman says

    These are some great ideas. My grandson would love this. Love the idea with the cupcakes. Thank you so much for sharing. God Bless

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