The Not So Dirty Thirty

Who would have thought this post would be so hard. Maybe, quite honestly, I thought it wouldn't happen. I thought it couldn't happen. But I did it. I lost that thirty pounds. I'm half way there. I still can't believe it. Wanna see what 30 pounds gone looks like? Don't mind my face. Clearly I'm busy looking elsewhere. Ugh. Now, I know I made a promise about sharing my numbers when I hit my … [Read more...]

My #weightloss Journey! {26 pounds & a Haircut Later}

I haven't given any updates about my weight loss journey on here in quite awhile. If you follow any of my social media sites you know it has been an everyday part of my life now. I'm currently down 26 pounds. In just four pounds I will be at my half way point. If you wanna know a secret- I never thought I'd get here. I always had excuses. Always. Some of them I even believed. Then it hit me. Like … [Read more...]