Wisk Does It All! Muah!

As a Wisk Beta Blogger I've been sharing my Wisk Stain Spectrum™ Technology challenges to you. As a Mom I go through some serious amounts of laundry each week and I always want to try and get the laundry detergent that will give me the most effort in stain fighting but do to the economy I can't always afford the expensive brands. That's what I love about Wisk. Not only is it a top trusted brand … [Read more...]

Wisk Lab – Tailgate Party Experiment!

As you know I am one of theI have been putting the New Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology to the ultimate test! Our most recent test was a fun one that required having a tailgating party! Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to fill up our grill with some gas but I thought it would be great for our chicken nugget lunch. While normally I don't really need to take the ketchup to Johnny since … [Read more...]