Total Gym Total Mom Challenge – Week Three

As you know I just got back from vacation. That means a week off the Total Gym. I definitely felt the difference when I got back on this morning. However, in Las Vegas there is a TON of walking. The ABC Expo was 17 miles alone if you walked all the booths. I did that about 5x. Now count in all the hotels and casino’s you can triple that and more. I was completely out of shape before I started the Total Gym Mom Challenge and can’t imagine having to do all that walking without the preparation from the Total Gym.
Now that I’m home I’m getting to it. What is great is that even though I am home and completely exhausted I know that even if I don’t do the full workout I was doing before I left I can start back and get back into it on my own schedule. Having it right in my room keeps it convenient. Having the guided poster and card keeps it quick and to the point.
Having been using the Total Gym for several weeks now (we’ve been using it longer then the campaign) has definitely helped me tone up and feel better. If you’re looking for an easy and affordable way to get fit it’s time to stop wasting your time with other products and get focused on the Total Gym! Remember by making a purchase through any of the Total Gym Mom posts will get you 15% off!

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  1. Jennifer h says

    Wow!! 17 mile expo!

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