Joovy 2014 Resolutions X2 {$600 Giveaway} #Joovy2014ResolutionsX2

As you all know last year I started my weight loss journey. There were two things I never left the house with on my daily walks that eventually turned into runs: My cute adorable toddler & our Joovy 360. I never could have accomplished the 38 pound loss I achieved by the end of the summer without the help of Joovy. We also have a Joovy Cocoon to mix things up for a run bike ride too. Of … [Read more...]

Joovy Zoom 360 Jogging Stroller {Review}

We just had bike trails built over the summer just down the road from us. I was so excited and couldn't wait until they were done. Once they were of course it was so hot that it was hard to find a good time to be out on them. Having a baby under 6 months tough. He was too small for a bike ride by  long shot and the distance I wanted to go was too far to carry him. When I started looking into … [Read more...]

Joovy Orangie Room Playard Review

In just a little more then two weeks the boys are out of school. I really don't like the idea of them spending their days inside glued to their tv's and computer screens. I want them outdoors getting fresh air playing ball and having fun. Having a baby definitely throws a wrench into the plans as I can't run around with them as easily and I can't get in my garden and get dirty like I used to. I … [Read more...]

Joovy – 2010 Ultralight Caboose Tandem Stand-On Stroller Review!

Joovy Family Gear has many great products for your children that will make your life as a parent easier and your child's more enjoyable. They have great options such as fashionable and practical strollers, playards, highchairs, and toys. The new Ultralight Caboose is the lightest, most maneuverable tandem stroller available on the market today. At 21 pounds the Caboose Ultralight is 20% … [Read more...]