The K’NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster is a Huge Hit This Season

I'm so tired of my boys sitting around with screens in their faces all the time. They're all frustrated with me since I put an 'hour a day' rule out there. I want them downstairs communicating and spending time together when they aren't working on school things. Finding things they could do together was the hardest part. When this K'NEX Wild Whiplash Roller Coaster showed up on our front step they … [Read more...]

Wisk Lab – Tailgate Party Experiment!

As you know I am one of theI have been putting the New Wisk with Stain Spectrum™ Technology to the ultimate test! Our most recent test was a fun one that required having a tailgating party! Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to fill up our grill with some gas but I thought it would be great for our chicken nugget lunch. While normally I don't really need to take the ketchup to Johnny since … [Read more...]

Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology – laundry Detergent Put To The Test With my Lil’ Scientist!

Remember when I told you about the all new Wisk with Stain Spectrum ™Technology? If not click the bold and you can check out all the facts about the latest laundry detergent available!Wisk sent us a kit that contained a lab coat for Gavin along with a cute Wisk button, and a pair of goggles. He makes a pretty cute scientist if you ask me.The kit also contained a pipette, plastic beaker, a protein … [Read more...]

Wisk with *New* Stain Spectrum ™Technology & Coupon!

Laundry. In life it's my never ending battle.Having two boys I have my hands full with laundry. Factor in my hubby who works in an automotive shop all day long and takes two showers a day, with two outfits each day my laundry piles up fast. Because work, life, and vacations it often seems I can never catch up. Pulling out my laundry and seeing it not as clean as it should be is not something I … [Read more...]

Sarah McLachlan’s Laws Of Illusion CD Now In Stores!

Sarah McLachlan just released her first CD in seven years yesterday! It's called 'Laws Of Illusion'. I love Sarah McLachlan! She has so many amazing songs under her belt it's unbelievable! You can name a song of hers and I could probably tell you a special moment in my life that it brings memories back from! Her son 'I Will Remember You' was my senior prom song. Her son 'Angel' played at a … [Read more...]

Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack CD {Review & Giveaway}

Yesterday the Sex and the City 2 Soundtrack was released! Tomorrow the movie!Did you know that in honor of this special soundtrack they are offering fans a chance to win a phone call from Sarah Jessica Parker! For more information you'll have to check here.Now I have to admit the first half of the soundtrack was great. A lot of the songs had that Bollywood feel but left you in a fun pleasant mood. … [Read more...]

Busytown Mysteries DVD – Review PLUS FREE Kids Interactive Website!

Guess who's back?Richard Scarry's Busytown Mysteries that's who!That's right! You can now check out Busytown Mysteries on CBS on weekend mornings!For your local schedule you can click HERE. We were sent a DVD of two shows the equivalent of one weekend show thanks to the One 2 One Network. While I definitely recognize the adorable characters I can't remember the show. The story lines are cute and … [Read more...]

Fan Cast – Online TV – Find your favorites PLUS get the latest News & Gossip

[Read more...]

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs: Diamond Edition DVD + 2-Disc Blu-ray™! Review!

There is just something about Disney movies that at my age still gets me excited! I don't care if its a new movie or a classic! I love the fairy tales and the imagination behind these stories and most importantly I love sharing them with my boys. I was recently asked by the One 2 One Network if I wanted to review a copy of the newly released copy of Snow White & the Seven Dwarfs - Diamond … [Read more...]