York’s Wild Kingdom Zoo & Amusement Park {York Beach, Maine} Review

I told you all about my family vacation to Maine last week. I also mentioned a place called York's Wild Kingdom & Amusement Park in York Beach, ME. Well I really wanted to take a moment to tell you much more about it! From either direction you enter (zoo side/park side) you'll never believe how amazingly huge it is until you get inside. My family has visited the Amusement Park side every … [Read more...]

My Weekend In Maine

I barely unpacked the suitcases and it was time to pack them again. Okay, seriously who am I kidding? I dumped out the stuff from NYC and started repacking.We left early Friday afternoon but if you live in New England you know how fun the traffic is when you head to hot vacation areas near the shore line. We left at 1:30 and got there at 5:30. Traffic was horrible. When we arrived we hung out … [Read more...]

Spending The Day In Boston With The Kids! #77kids Do Good Day

Yesterday was 'Do Good Day' brought to you by 77kids by American Eagle and The Motherhood. A group of bloggers including myself were to do something to bring a smile to others. Johnny was dreading it. We had to get up at the crack of dawn since we live on the opposite side of the state and it was technically a sleep in day for him. The second he saw the skyline of the city his eyes immediately lit … [Read more...]

Mystic Aquarium, Institute for Exploration Mystic, Connecticut

Last weekend my family and I were able to go down to Mystic, CT and enjoy the Mystic Aquarium. Johnny has always wanted to visit an aquarium since he has such a love for sea life. For the past three years he has told us when he's older he's going to college in FL and becoming a marine biologist. We knew part of encouraging them is too make him aware of all we can and by bringing him to the Mystic … [Read more...]