Daring To Run Commando

Go Commando With Cottonelle

One of my big goals for 2015 was to shift some of my habits towards a more healthy lifestyle. One of those habits included learning to love to run. I love exercising with my kids in tow- chasing them around the yard, hiking, or going for family walks. Last December, my five year old son, Malone ran a 5k. And when I say ran a 5k, I mean he ran the entire thing at a 12:00 pace and beat 60% of the … [Read more...]

The Whale in My Swimming Pool Book {Review & Giveaway!!!}

The Whale In My Swimming Pool

I can't believe it is May already! School is winding down, and summer is swiftly on its way. My kids live outside and hate when it is time to come in. Hayden asks almost everyday if it is warm enough to swim. It is warmer, but not warm enough for swimming yet. He has been especially excited about swimming since we read the book "The Whale In My Swimming Pool." It is a new picture book by the … [Read more...]

Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Sack {Review}

Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Sack

Halli is such a crazy sleeper! She rolls, wiggles, kicks, and slides all over the place. At night I constantly worry about her getting a chill, but I don't want to put too many loose blankets in her crib either. She is also a hot sleeper and can get really sweaty. To get her the best sleep possible a sleep sack is an absolute must! The Merino Kids Toddler Sleep Sack solved all of my night-time … [Read more...]

Have a Summer Water War with these DIY Sponge Bombs {Fun Crafts with Mom}

Have a Summer Water War with these DIY Sponge Bombs

Here in New England we might have had a hard winter but it's surprisingly hot here already. Yesterday alone was 90 degrees! I love the heat but my kids get cranky if they don't have a great way to cool off. The boat isn't yet ready, as parents we don't want to deal with the waterslide and we don't have a pool. I've seen these fun sponge bombs all over Pinterest and a few weeks ago I picked up some … [Read more...]

Get the Protein You Need To Make It Through The Day with Silk Soymilk

Silk Soymilk

I love this time of year. I just got over the opening of the spring and summer wardrobe that doesn't fit and the realization of what my winter eating habits have done to me. I've tossed all the junk food in the trash and we're outside every minute we can be. I'm back to making better choices and thinking about how things affect me. I start shopping in the produce section more and watching … [Read more...]

Share Happiness Anytime and Anywhere With A Gynoii Baby Video Monitor & GIVEAWAY!

Gynoii monitor

I absolutely love and cherish those first few days and weeks of a newborn baby. They seem to change so quickly. Even though I am sleep deprived there are sometimes I just like watching my babies sleep. Babies don't stay little for very long and now you can really capture every moment of it, even when they are sleeping. The Gynoii Video monitor is the most amazing baby monitor I have ever seen. … [Read more...]

Having Fun While Teaching About Saving Money With The Kids Wealth Program

Kids Wealth

We have been using the Kids Wealth program for a few months now to teach Hayden all about money. He is slowly starting to understand the importance of saving and what money really is! It has been so eye-opening for him to see the value of money. The Kids Wealth program is created for kids ages 4-12 years old. The program helps teach kids how to use money in the real world. When your kiddo … [Read more...]

It’s More Than Just Potty Training For Some Children


I'm on my third child here and while many parts of parenting are easy there are some that are just easier for others. Potty training can be something you breeze through in just three days like I did with one of my boys and another group struggles well into their older years. The issue is when your school aged kid realizes they are the only one still having night-time issues and everyone else is … [Read more...]

General Mills Has Teamed Up With Star Wars! {& Giveaway!}

General Mills and Star Wars

It has been so apparent lately that Hayden is officially a "big boy." Not a preschooler, not a little boy, but he is seriously big. It breaks my heart a little, but it is so fun to watch him grow into his big personality. He really isn't into trains anymore or dinosaurs. He likes big boy things. Like sports, ninjas, and Star Wars! He dreams of one day being a Jedi! Hayden loves talking about Star … [Read more...]

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