Sanitize Your Home Chemical Free w/ Coral UV’s 3-in-1 Home Sanitizer

I am preparing to have a brand new baby here in just a few days! I am definitely a “clean freak” by nature. I enjoy cleaning, I enjoy sanitizing, and I especially love finding chemical-free ways to do it. There are a few things around the home that can be tricky to sanitize. I forgot what a pain breast pump accessories are to clean, and all the tiny little baby knick-knacks like pacifiers, bottle pieces, or toys. Coral UV‘s 3-in-1 Home Sanitizer has been such a dream product in helping me sanitize, dry, and clean so many things throughout my home. I have been using it to major prep for baby but it can be used for so many things around the home.

Coral UV’s 3-in-1 sanitizer is so super easy to use and uses zero chemicals, water, or heat! It kills 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses in just 10 minutes! It is so nice to have the peace of mind that I don’t have to rewipe anything down or worry about chemical residue that might have been left behind from a harsh cleaning product. The UV-C sanitizer uses high energy, artificial UV-C rays that break down the DNA of bacteria and other germs. Because it uses lights to sanitize it is a perfect chemical-free solution making it awesome to clean all those tricky things around your house. I have been using it to get ready for baby, but we have also sanitized keys, cell phones, small stuffed animals, makeup brushes, remotes, or my kid’s little water bottle pieces.

The Coral UV 3-in-1 will not damage materials over time like steam sanitizers. It also only takes 10 minutes to sanitize with the “sterilize only” function! In 10 minutes and you can feel confident that your items have been sanitized. For my breast pump accessories, baby bottles, and other items that I have first washed the UV-C sanitizer also has a drying function. I push “sterilize and dry” that can be set for 40, 50, 60, or 70 minutes. The first 10 minutes sanitize and the rest of the time you can customize for drying depending on how wet your items are.

Once my baby arrives the UV-C sanitizer has a function that allows for “24 hr storage” sanitizing. This will be perfect for keeping bottles, bottle nipples, and pacifiers sanitized with basically no effort on my part. There is also a “dry only” function if you just need to quickly dry wet items without sanitizing. I was so impressed with how user-friendly the Coral UV 3-in-1 is. It is seriously so easy to use and clean! I have just wiped down the inside with a microfiber cloth. It requires basically no maintenance and comes with bulbs and filters to replace every few months depending on how frequently you use the machine. It is also so compact, and a little smaller than my instant pot for comparison making it easy to store.

I have absolutely loved this sanitizer! I keep finding more and more things for it to sanitize and cannot say enough good things about it. Every home needs one of these to help sanitize all the trickier things around the home to clean and sanitize. You can find the Coral UV 3-in-1 on the Coral UV website and on Amazon.

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  1. I’m having a baby in October and would love to win this! It looks incredibly convenient. And congrats to you!

  2. NANCY says

    I would sanitize my makeup brushes & kitchen utensils.

  3. Meridith says

    So many things to sanitize! Love the idea of makeup brushes, would love to try other tech items such as earphones, and key, remotes, etc.

  4. bn100 says

    make-up brushes

  5. Derrick Johnson says

    If I win this I would use this for all my Dad’s diabetic equipment and his hearing aids.

  6. Rajee Pandi says

    makeup brushes and masks

  7. Jessica Walker says

    My grandsons bottles

  8. Edye says

    makeup brushes for sure!!!

  9. kathy Persons says

    toothbrushes and combs

  10. Cindy Peterson says

    Phone, Toothbrushes, medical tubing, masks, money, credit card, wallet, keys, an endless list.

  11. Heather says

    I would sterilize my everyday carry stuff. You can’t be too careful.

  12. Kelly D says

    I would use this to clean my cell, sunglasses, keys and anything else I leave the house with.

  13. Lisa says

    This would be great for toys and brushes.

  14. Robert Young says

    House and Car keys, Cell phone

  15. Darlene Carbajal says

    Toothbrushes and cell phone.

  16. Lisa Reid says

    This is such an awesome products. It would be so easy to santize things and keep the family safe. Thanks for the opportunity!

  17. Mary Mougeot says

    Everything, just about! Have a wonderful day!

  18. Linda Everson says

    I would use it to sterilize, keys, money and lots of other things.

  19. Robin M says

    some of the toys

  20. pete gladue says

    Not sure if this would work, but my CPAP Hose and Mask

  21. Great for the baby items .

  22. Bryan Vice says

    I would love one we’ve been positive with Covid for a week now and would love to be able to sanitize our home

  23. Jeff S says

    Pretty much everything these days…

  24. monique s says

    I would sterilize glassware

  25. Joe K says

    keys and glassware

  26. Kim N says

    My PAP mask, cell, tablet, keys, etc

  27. esnbo says

    yes, sure i would

  28. esnbo says

    i’d sanitize phones and keys

  29. candy says

    need this so bad for my cpap

  30. Elizabeth C. says

    I would use it for Keys, toys & many other items!

  31. Angelica says

    I would sanitize everything I could fit in there considering the state of the world right now. Keys, kid’s toys and binkies, kitchen utensils, make-up brushes, my phone if it’s safe too, all sorts of other stuff I haven’t even thought of yet. 🙂

  32. Dorothy Ransom says

    My goodness, the list would be endless. Keys, toothbrushes, makeup products, pacifiers, teething rings etc.

  33. Kayla Klontz says

    I would do my masks, glasses, and even toys in this.

  34. Suzanne says


  35. Reanne Burnett says

    Toothbrushes – I really like the keys idea as well.

  36. Candace Flatt says

    I would sanitize my keys

  37. Donna L says

    I would give this to my daughter who is 9 months pregnant. She would use it to sanitize baby bottles, binkys and other baby items.

  38. Ron Ablang says

    I’d sanitize the bathroom and kitchen counters, all the doorknobs, and the toilet seats.

  39. Laurie Nykaza says

    It would be so great to use now for our keys, credit cards, phones, masks I would use it everyday.

  40. Jamecia says

    I would use this for everyday items. Like keys remotes toothbrushes

  41. harolde says

    Keys, and masks!

  42. Richard Hicks says

    I would use for phone, keys, masks etc.

  43. Nanette Olson says

    I would sanitize my brushes.

  44. Sandy C. says

    My keys, my brother’s keys, and a lot of masks. (PS Congrats on the expected addition!)

  45. ray says

    cell phone and keys

  46. Brittany Gilley says

    cell phone and keys

  47. Brittany Gilley says

    The “leave a comment on a different blog post” entry would be easier to abide by the rules if the date you written each post was clearly stated.

  48. Larry Fullhart II says


  49. Asia says

    I would use this for my nephews bottles

  50. Em Mahr says

    I’d lik to santize keys, phones, kids dishes, credit cards, etc.

  51. Belinda Ghosheh says

    I would sterilize anything and everything, but first thing that came to mind was Car Keys!

  52. Fredrick Pauly says

    The kitchen counters and table

  53. Ann Fantom says

    I would sterilize masks, keys and any items that are touched by others who may be sick.

  54. Jack B says

    Sippy cups and lids are what I’d probably sanitize the most.

  55. SJN says

    Electronic devices

  56. Jon Oder says

    great for the toys

  57. to start of with; toothbrushes and dental items.

  58. Tyler G says

    Everything. With kids, cats, and guinea pigs it could all be sanitized.

  59. Debra Sluis says

    Masks! the bottle brushes, the resuable plastic straws we all have with our travel mugs, toothbrushes, you just know you would think of more and more…

  60. Miri Crosson says

    These days? Masks, masks, and masks.

  61. PJ says

    I would sterilize everything. Except the pets. They’re already fixed.

  62. Therese Welsh says

    I need one.

  63. I would sterilize sponges.

  64. L Roney says

    I would sanitize keys!!

  65. Elle says

    I would sterilize a lot of things like keys, makeup brushes, phone, remote, etc,,

  66. Jennifer Nielsen says

    Pretty much anything my two little lovees touch. They are cute but they sure can get dirty!

  67. Donna Blackmore says

    anything that would fit inside of it.

  68. Molly says

    The question is more like what wouldn’t I sterilize!

  69. lisa king says

    i would sterlize keys masks phone cases glasses

  70. Carolyn Daley says

    I would sterile my sunglasses, keys, and hair brush.

  71. Julie says

    Definitely cosmetic items!

  72. Michael Dupree says

    Would sanitize my face masks

  73. carol clark says

    anything and everything be great for bottles lids and small things

  74. Ashley c says

    I would love to sanitize makeup brushes and skin care tools

  75. edq143 says


  76. Mindy DeLisi says

    My computer mouse, phone

  77. Katie C. says

    I would sanitize my phone and my glasses!

  78. cell, tablets, toothbrushes

  79. Christie Roberts says

    I’d definitely use it for cell phones and TV remotes. Oh and keys and sunglasses 🙂

  80. Heather Dawn says

    Anything that could fit in there, that I use frequently. Keys, face mask, makeup brushes, and small parts to sippy cups.

  81. Donna Clifford says


  82. Laura Rubenstein says

    I would use this to clean my cell and keys and whatever else is hard to clean haha

  83. Carly Daring says

    This would be great for kids toys and bottles.

  84. Linda says

    I would use it for keys and my phone the most.

  85. al says

    drinking glasses

  86. Carolyn Hesse says

    My phone!

  87. Sandra Watts says

    Kids cups, phone, makeup brushes.

  88. Nicole Byer says

    My phone and face masks whenever I return from going out

  89. Jennifer Skenandore says

    Masks, keys and phones

  90. Tina Parsons says

    Masks, keys – I even think I could fit my cpap hose in there!

  91. Tom Bellamy says

    Masks and toothbrushes.

  92. Gabrielly says

    Makeup brushes and kitchen utensils.

  93. Mark Marville says

    My bite grinding guard!

  94. Jason W says

    Probably my keys and phone

  95. Ginny says

    Would be great for masks, keys, phone, love the idea of make up brushes.

  96. Breanne says

    I would sanitize our cell phones.

  97. Stephanie Schrammel says

    Makeup brushes

  98. Dana Scott says

    You could pretty much sanitize anything, probably my beauty products right now

  99. Amy Nick says

    I would sterilize tooth brushes with the Coral UV’s 3-in-1 Home Sanitizer

  100. Amanda Baird says

    Masks, keys, phone, makeup brushes, etc.

  101. Amber Kolb says

    Baby stuff for sure since everything goes in their mouth. This is really nice!

  102. Jane McGregor says

    My phone!

  103. Bonny McDevitt says

    Wow just so many things LOL! I am a clean freak! Just Gimme!

  104. Lyvona Perry says

    My remote!

  105. shawna says

    I would do makeup brushes and cell phones first.

  106. Ashley says

    I would sanitize our commonly used items like our cell phones, keys, remote controls, etc.

  107. Shirley Emitt says

    I would use it to sanitize baby bottles.

  108. Rebecca Moore says

    I would sanitize anything it said I could.. could you do masks???

  109. Bruce Hammersmith says

    cell phones and toothbrushes

  110. Ally P says

    This would be wonderful to sanitize our reading glasses, shared items, masks, and so much more.

  111. maria gentry says

    Great giveaway! I would use this for my makeup brushes!

  112. Wendy Browne says

    I would give to my husband to keep pens in at his work where customers use them. Yuck.

  113. Michelle Johnson says

    I would sanitize my phone

  114. Heather Kaufman says

    I would sanitize make up brushes.


  116. Audrey Stewart says

    Everything that I feel has a lot of germs.

  117. Barb G says

    Cell phones, keys, v remote

  118. Paul K says

    tooth brush and cell phone

  119. Ed says


  120. DanV says

    I would sterilize kid stuff.

  121. Brandon Sparks says

    kitchen utensils for sure..

  122. Lauren Hecker says

    I would definitely sanitize my phone!

  123. Natalie says

    As a music teacher getting ready to go back to school I would use this to help sanitize instrument mouth pieces, and everything else kids touch in my classroom! Thanks for offering this giveaway.

  124. Candie L says

    I would do the silverware and other small items. Thank you

  125. Jerry Marquardt says

    I would start out with the phone first and foremost and go from there.

  126. Julieh says

    I would sanitizer utensils and keys.

  127. Philip Lawrence says

    I would sanitize my can toppers.

  128. Moises Campos says

    I would sanitize my cloth mask.

  129. Cassandra D says

    I would say toothbrushes.

  130. Connie Tucker says

    I would sterilize our phones, keys & masks with the Coral UV’s 3-in-1 Home Sanitizer?

  131. Megan Wilson says

    There’s honestly no limit to what I will sanitize having 2 little guys.

  132. Karyn Koehler says

    I would use this for my new baby nephews bottles and toys

  133. Janine Hwang says

    My cell

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