Make Dental Care Simple and Affordable with Chewsi App!

I needed to make dental care simple. Like so many, going to the dentist isn’t easy for me. I get anxious just thinking about the process, especially if you’re starting from the beginning again. I just recently started going back to the dentist. As a kid, I went regularly, but as an adult, I struggled to find one that I liked- or could afford.

The idea of finding a new dentist is daunting. I didn’t know what my options were, what kind of expenses I was looking at, etc. I wish I had known then about the Chewsi Dental App. My 19-year-old son let his pediatric dentist recently and is on the hunt for a new dentist. While standing in line at the store, I was able to download the app on his phone and find him a list of dentists in the area using Chewsi’s Find-A-Dentist Tool before it was time to put our items on the belt.

Using the Chewsi Dental App is as simple as 1-2-3

  1. Download the Chewsi Dental App onto your phone or tablet
  2. Enter your basic information and payment information-you don’t need to enter any payment info upfront to check out the app
  3. Find a local dentist using Chewsi’s Find-A-Dentist Tool and schedule an appointment

When you sign into Chewsi, you can let the app use your current location to find a list of dental providers, or you can search for a specific area. I was impressed that not only could I find general practitioners, but I could see hundreds of different kinds of dental care professionals, such as Endodontists, Orthodontists, Pedodontists, and more.

Chewsi App - Make Dental Care Simple and Affordable!

What I like about the Chewsi app is being able to see all the services that dental professionals offer and what the cost will be. We don’t have dental insurance, and paying the bill is more frightening than the idea of getting the drill. Chewsi doesn’t care if you’re insured or not. Every service will be available to you at a discounted rate. If you have insurance, Chewsi will be there to save you money on the procedures not covered, such as crowns, braces, and even cosmetic whitening! When your appointment is made, you pay using your smartphone and see your Chewsi savings instantly! You don’t even have to fill out any paperwork!

Chewsi App - Make Dental Care Simple and Affordable!

No monthly fees. No limitations. No exclusions.

Yup, that’s right. Chewsi members don’t pay any monthly fees. You only pay for the services when you receive them. So, what are you waiting for? Download the Chewsi App now and let Chewsi help keep the smile.

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  1. Sandy C, says

    Wow, this is the first I’m hearing of this! And I’m a retired dental hygienist – I KNOW how expensive dental work can be! Especially the scaling & root planing – one dentist I worked for charged $500 PER QUAD!

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