Sanitize Your Home Chemical Free w/ Coral UV’s 3-in-1 Home Sanitizer

I am preparing to have a brand new baby here in just a few days! I am definitely a "clean freak" by nature. I enjoy cleaning, I enjoy sanitizing, and I especially love finding chemical-free ways to do it. There are a few things around the home that can be tricky to sanitize. I forgot what a pain breast pump accessories are to clean, and all the tiny little baby knick-knacks like pacifiers, bottle … [Read more...]

Germ Guardian – Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer – Safe, Clean, & Natural! Review!

Here is a product I am really excited about and I wish I knew about before ever having kids! It's a Dry Heat Nursery Sanitizer from Germ Guardian. Dry Heat? Yes! No more boiling items on the stove, waiting for dishwasher cycles, or figuring out how those cute little stuffed animals are going to make it through the washer after landing on the mall floor.Since this sanitizer uses dry heat you can … [Read more...]