Products & Tips for Getting Pregnant w/ Natalist Co.

I started googling things like, "tips for conceiving" and "when should I start a prenatal before getting pregnant" a little over 4 years ago. After getting pregnant with my son and daughter I had zero expectation of having another baby being difficult. Unfortunately for us having another baby would not come as easily as it had before. The next 4 years would include lots of heartache, stress, … [Read more...]

Pregnancy Loss: Miscarriage, Ectopic Pregnancy, and Healing After Feeling Broken

I have gone back and forth about being vulnerable and sharing my story of feeling absolutely broken from my multiple pregnancy losses this past year. I think when we share the things that make us broken we connect with others and learn their broken stories. We can lift each other up, mourn, and comfort one another with our stories. Then the healing can really begin. October is also national … [Read more...]

Honey-Do’s Of Fertility With Proxeed plus

Hayden was almost 4 years old when my husband and I decided it was finally time to add another person to our family. We were both so excited to have another. It felt like it had been forever since Hayden had been a baby, and I quickly scheduled an appointment with my OB to talk about fertility options. I had a painful miscarriage earlier in the year, and I wanted to make sure I was totally … [Read more...]