Cute Heart Shaped Brownies Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I love brownies. If I get an urge for some baked goods I always reach for the brownie mix. It's simple and easy and well, nearly impossible to mess up. I was recently talking on facebook on the topic of brownies and someone mentioned they can't eat a brownie without frosting. Really? I've never had a frosted brownie! So of course I knew I had to try one! In the spirit of Valentine's Day I … [Read more...]

Win a Wilton Cake Decorating Preferred Decorator Set! $99 Value! #HolidayGiftGuide

A few years ago I loved to bake but I didn't know how to pull it all together. I could make a good cake but as far as decorating it I didn't go much farther then a tub of frosting and a butter knife. Then I was asked to be a Wilton Mom and everything changed. I flew out to Chicago and they taught me how simple it was to take that same frosting and put it in a bag with a tip and take my decorating … [Read more...]

Sawyer’s Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

The theme for Sawyer's party took me forever to decide. So long that by the time I made up my mind it didn't leave much time for the planning. I wanted to be creative on the cake and almost even did a review on a really cute one from a local baker but in the end, I really wanted to make his Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake myself. So the morning before the party I woke up in a panic. I still had no idea … [Read more...]

Everything’s Coming Up Cupcakes at Wilton {Review & Giveaway}

Everything's coming up cupcakes over at Wilton! They just released a bunch of great new products to make your cupcake making days more fun! Want cupcakes that look like they took hours to create and really were easy & effortless?   Well, now you can have it with these great new products! Of course that meant I needed to get in the spirit and make some cupcakes around here. So … [Read more...]

Fun Valentine’s Day Treats to Make from Wilton!

I am so excited to have another excuse to send goodies in to my son's classroom. Johnny has reached the age where he doesn't want to bring stuff in but Gavin loves it still! I like to stick to cupcakes when bringing treats in to school but when browsing all the options that Wilton has it makes me want to branch out and make so much more. Here are just a few of the ideas I found: These Love … [Read more...]

Wilton’s Baking Basics Giveaway! $140 Value!

One of my favorite partnerships I've made with my blog is with Wilton. I do a lot with them in my personal life and it shocks me sometimes how unknown the brand is. Being a Wilton Mom Ambassador over the years has given me the ability to learn the brand on a much more personal level but I definitely knew about the brand before blogging. I find many of the people who do know the brand and know … [Read more...]

Wilton’s Triple Chocolate Biscotti

When I was younger I would watch my mom eat Biscotti. I didn't really understand it. Was it a cookie or was it breakfast? Was it a cookie you could eat at breakfast? Why wasn't I allowed to eat any? Then when I did I thought she finally let me because it had gone stale. Little did I know then the many different flavors that Biscotti came in and that it was supposed to be crunchy. The problem with … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Christmas Shaped Crayons! #Tutorial

I've been seeing all kinds of posts popping up all over about making your own crayons and while it is super easy and doesn't require much some people really assume it's so simple that you don't need directions. I pinned this project multiple times from multiple people and do you know I had to google for actual temps and times?!? So when we made our Christmas shaped crayons we documented what … [Read more...]

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes}

Every year I want to make stuff for the boys to bring into school and share. My boys love that I'm able to do and often share their ideas on what they wanted. This year my theme was candy corn so when Johnny asked if I could make cupcakes for the 6th grade bake sale I said sure! I started with white cake mixes. I separated the amount I need into three portions. Then dyed them. White having the … [Read more...]