Sawyer’s Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

The theme for Sawyer’s party took me forever to decide. So long that by the time I made up my mind it didn’t leave much time for the planning. I wanted to be creative on the cake and almost even did a review on a really cute one from a local baker but in the end, I really wanted to make his Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake myself. So the morning before the party I woke up in a panic. I still had no idea what I was doing for the cake. The worst part was I had no idea what I was going to do if I made it and I was almost out of time to order one.

Hubby & Johnny were at a soccer game so Gavin, Sawyer & I ran to Michael’s. We knew everything we needed we’d be able to get there. I didn’t know if I wanted to layer cake rounds or do a character pan. Well, the Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake Pan from Wilton was my final decision. I had done one other character pan before so I had some experience.

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan 3

I was worried about my timeline since I really didn’t start baking the cake until late. I think it was around 8 pm. It took one box of cake mix.


When it was done baking I let it sit for ten minutes and then placed it in the fridge for an hour. It was late and I needed to make sure it was completely cool so I could frost it before going to bed.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan

Before I flipped the cake out of the pan I needed to make the bottom level. You can see in the above picture that the cake rose higher in different areas. I use a long bread knife so it rests on the top of the pan on both sides so I know I stay flat.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan

While your cake is cooling prep your frostings. Make what you need and dye it. Remember that colors darken in time. Some only need a little dye. The copper coloring needs VERY little color to achieve the proper color. The black will need a LOT. It will be dark gray in the beginning but will darken over time. Make sure your area has everything you need within arms reach.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan

When I flipped the cake over I got really nervous. All the lines that were in the pan didn’t transfer over when it was baked. I knew the initial design relied on my lines. I didn’t have them but another Wilton Mama, Cat @ Food Family Finds said to use food writers! What a clever idea! I just wish I had some on hand.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan

Here was how I ended up doing the decorating. My frosting kept getting soft REALLY fast and it was going in and out of the fridge so you see me going back and forth with the colors.

**I don’t know why I can’t enlarge this photo. If you click it it will allow you to make it full size

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

I did pretty well on the lines. Don’t be afraid to wipe off and start over. You’ll notice I even wiped off the nose too at one point. My stars were just so sloppy from the warmer frosting and I wanted it all redone.


The nicely flatten areas have a small cup of cornstarch handy to tap your finger in before tapping the frosting. If you don’t coat the frosting the little but on the frosting will fade away.

Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan cornstarch cake trick

I didn’t finish until around 3 am but I was very pleased with it in the end with my Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake.

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

Up until the end, I always doubt myself but I really need to be more confident. My stars could be tighter and have fewer spikes but no one is judging it. (I hope).

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

At the party, it was a huge hit and fit in perfect with all out decor. I ended up not using the original candles and used this great Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday candle from Party City.

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

I was glad I chose to make his Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake myself. It was the perfect finishing touch to his party! If you think you can’t make one of these cakes- you can!!! It really comes down to patience. These cakes take hours to decorate when you don’t do them often. The finishing result just makes it all worth it.

Have you ever made a character cake?



  1. Woman you have sooooooo much more patience then I do LOL It turned out wonderful!

  2. This came out great, I’m impressed!

  3. Are you for hire? I’m dreading making a cake – you did fabulous!

  4. wow that came out awesome!! a lot better than what I would do if i made a cake. I usually just do a round pan and slap some frosting on it and call it a day! 🙂 My mom used to bake and decorate cakes like that all the time for people as a side business.

  5. Claire says

    That’s flippin’ amazing! I had big ideas about my son’s hungry caterpillar first birthday cake, but I ended up doing one red cupcake (his smash cake, the caterpillar’s head) and a bunch of green (the body, for the kid guests) cupcakes.

  6. I love this cake! I am throwing my son a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse 1st birthday party in June! This would be perfect!

  7. I know exactly what you mean! I always underestimate just how long it takes to star tip a cake, especially when you are trying to make a face or body. And I’ve had issues with frosting temp too, especially in the summer. You did great!

  8. Janet W. says

    Your finished product looks amazing! I have that problem too with the frosting where it doesn’t stay cold and then it will get runny and turn into a mess!

  9. Awww that cake turned out so cute!

  10. Vickie Couturier says

    wow,so impressed,you did such a great job looks like a professional did it

  11. courtney b says

    wow perfection! you should work in a bakery!

  12. Danielle F says

    This brings back memories! My mom always made us character cakes when we were young! Now that I have one of my own, I am more of a cupcake person! But this looks beautiful! Great work.

  13. Beth R says

    I love making character cakes. I also agree that homemade is so much better! I always make my boys’ cakes and couldn’t imagine not going them. Maybe that is also because my mom used to do a cake for all 4 of us every year for our birthdays

  14. Heidi says

    That is amazing! I remember my mom making and decorating a Strawberry Shortcake one for my sister when we were kids. You did a great job getting a good black for Mickey!

  15. Meg Tucker says

    Wowza! I have to say that I’m very impressed! I really am! You have inspired me. I always wonder though if your rms get tired or cramped from doing all those stars?

  16. Nannypanpan says

    Tried making a Thomas the train cake once and it came out horrible. Mickey came out great

  17. Blessie Nelson says

    Wow! You are so talented! Makes me believe I can do it too!

  18. That’s so cute! One year I make a candy train using the same method. It seemed to be a hit.

  19. Tammy S says

    Holy cow that turned out amazing!! I could never have mine look that nice. Sawyer is one lucky little guy ti have a mom that bakes like you do!

  20. Debbie Welchert says

    I have this cake pan somewhere and have had it for years. You did such a good job I think I will try to make it myself for my grandchildren.

  21. Nancy Bowers says

    Glad you had fun making it. Children don’t remember all the details of these occasions but they do remember the love!

  22. Jenny Lloyd says

    the cake is adorable and amazing! thanks for sharing, i am off to read all your post on cakes. i want to make my boys’ cakes this year and you have inspired me

  23. Anne says

    Nice job! The Birthday Boy is too young to appreciate all your effort, but I’m sure the adult party guests were suitably impressed. I know I am!

  24. Dana Rodriguez says

    Very nice!!I love it!

  25. Susan Smith says

    What a cute cake, I’d almost hate to eat it.

  26. This would be really intimidating to make, so I appreciate the step-by-step tutorial.
    It looks fabulous! Hurray for Mickey!

  27. Holy cow! You’re good! My (youngest) daughter loves Micky & she loves to bake/cook – I should send this to her. You need to start your own business girl. You are that good! PAT YOURSELF ON THE BACK FOR THIS ONE MY FRIEND! WOO HOO

  28. krystel says

    this is to cute

  29. Laila says

    This is cool. I want to make my daughter’s bday cake. you have inspired me!

  30. Sandy VanHoey says

    You did a fabulous job on making this, looks like one you’d have purchased. Not sure I have that much patience but I really like this cake

  31. ANNABELLA says

    what did you use for the skin colored frosting for his face??

  32. Maria Iemma says

    My grandson loves mickey mouse and I’ve been looking for one. I appreciate your sharing the step by step instructions since I am not the best baker but I promised him and thanks to you I will deliver!

  33. Tammy street says

    Beautiful cake

  34. Kelly says

    Wow, great looking cake. I love the texture of the frosting, I might have to steal that trick!

  35. Shannon says

    Wow this is really nice. Thank you for sharing how to decorate this cake.

  36. Michi says

    OMG! That is so amazing. It makes me want to bake right now! ugh, I’m craving cake nowww.

  37. Linda Manns Linneman says

    This cake is awesome. I need to give this a try. Thank you so much for sharing

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