Cute Heart Shaped Brownies Perfect for Valentine’s Day!

I love brownies. If I get an urge for some baked goods I always reach for the brownie mix. It’s simple and easy and well, nearly impossible to mess up. I was recently talking on facebook on the topic of brownies and someone mentioned they can’t eat a brownie without frosting. Really? I’ve never had a frosted brownie! So of course I knew I had to try one!

Heart Shaped Valentine's Day Brownie #momspotted

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day I figured I’d make them heart shaped! How cute are these! I used the Wilton Heart Shaped Whoopie Pan to make the hearts easily. This way I was able to make the most of my batter and not have to use a cookie cutter later on. Made clean up a breeze!

If you are using this pan to make these then fill all the way up to the top for the sandwich version. These rise so it will give you a good brownie to cut in half. Fill 2/3 of the way for the regular frosted or do them all up to the top but only cut half of them in half.

Valentine Brownies 2

I then tinted some frosting and put it in a decorating bag so I could quickly and easily decorate each brownie. I frosted the entire inside for the “sandwich”ones but only the outline for the ones I left whole.

Valentine Brownies 1

After I frosted each one I spread sprinkles across them. If you wait until you are done the frosting will coat over and the sprinkles won’t stick.

Valentine Brownies

Now all that is left is to eat your heart out <3


  1. These are so cute! I need to get one of those heart shaped muffin pans, my kids would love these!

  2. Becky Greenly says

    I have this pan, my 8 yrs old has been loving to bake lately. She will love this idea! Thanks!

  3. These are so cute 🙂

  4. Tina T says

    Those look amazing! I made brownies the other day from scratch when my chocolate stash strangely depleted… They did not look this good, they probably were not the best tasting either however my chocolate craving was satiated. Can’t wait to make these for the kids! Thanks for the recipe! Glad I pinned it!!!

  5. Ah. I want one of those whoopie pans! Love the brownies you made and the frosting makes it extra special 🙂

  6. joanna garcia says

    I love baking treats for my kids school and esp for the holidays! this is a great recipe and love how you decorated it with frosting too!

  7. oh gosh this is something I have to make. I love brownies and so does my boys!

  8. Vickie Couturier says

    those are cute,id like to do those for my grandsons classroom party

  9. Kathy Lane says

    I like this pan!I don’t have one of these but I do have a heart shaped cake pan that I use.I guess I could make a big brownie for my family.Thanks for the decorating ideas!

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