Let Wilton Make Your Halloween A Bit More Spooktacular! {$65+ Giveaway!}

I love this time of year. Not because of the temperature outside because I'm no fan of the cold but because the holidays are all starting to fall upon us. I love this time of year because of all the decorating of my home and all the celebrations we have with friends and family. From school to home to work we are all planning fun events and well I love being the one to step up and say 'We'll make … [Read more...]

My Soccer Ball Cake!

Last weekend we had the end of year soccer party for Johnny and his team. They are big into soccer and when the outdoor field closes in the fall they play three more sessions of indoor soccer. They just finished their final session and now will be done with it until the end of July when practice starts again on the big field. Johnny really wanted me to make him a cake. I was worried I was biting … [Read more...]

Valentine’s Day Giant Heart Cookie {Quick & Easy Dessert}

On Superbowl Sunday we signed up to bring a dessert and we made the Giant Heart Cookie from Wilton. I had honestly never made a giant cookie in a pan like this and the boys were super excited about making such a big cookie! As you know we had the chaos of looking at a puppy this weekend. Shortly after pulling this giant cookie out of the oven we found out we had to leave much earlier then we had … [Read more...]

Wilton Puts The Sweet In Sweetheart This Valentine’s Day! Giveaway!

Finally things have started to slow down around here and I don't feel like I have to bake like a machine but now I can bake for the fun of it. My kids really had fun getting into the baking the holiday brought. They've been asking to get back into things and I've just been trying to get my home and blog back in order so I haven't done much baking around here. With Valentine's Day coming up though … [Read more...]

A Few Easy Ways To Still Get Festive!

I keep seeing on my facebook wall that people are bored right now anxiously waiting for the festivities to begin. I'm honestly green with envy as I'm still a week behind schedule and chasing my tale but I thought I'd share some fun things you can do with the help of Wilton that will be fun! You can find almost all these items at your local craft store like A.C. Moore and Michael's and they even … [Read more...]

Wilton Autumn & Halloween Giveaway!

I get so excited when Halloween rolls around. Not because of the ghoulish costumes and the piles of candy but it's the first time in awhile that I can feel festive again. When fall rolls around I'm spending more time inside again. I'm pulling out decor for the first time really since Easter and I'm excited to get back in the kitchen. One company that always has me looking for fun recipes is … [Read more...]

Wilton SpongeBob Birthday Prize Pack Giveaway!

  If you told me a year ago that I'd be making a character cake from scratch instead of buying one from the grocery store I would have laughed at you. I used to think that in order to make a cake for your child and have it look half way decent meant you had to go through lots of training and practice. Really all it takes it taking a course or two from Wilton like I did. So, when Gavin asked me … [Read more...]

The Wilton Yearbook’s Amazing Candy Store Cake Up Close & Personal!

Part of being a Wilton Mom Ambassador means we get to meet the Wilton crew and see all that is going on. The people there are amazing and are so excited about what they do. Of course their excitement rubs off on us when they show us all the latest and greatest that they have. On our June visit we received a copy of the latest Wilton Yearbook! Have you picked up your copy yet? Now how about that … [Read more...]

Wilton Giant Gummy Bear Kit Giveaway!

I've been dying to share so many things about my recent trip to Chicago for Wilton with you but almost our entire trip was about new products that hadn't yet been released. This is why you haven't heard as much about the trip. However, some of the items are starting to get released and I'm ecstatic about them. One of them being the Giant Gummy Kit! Seriously isn't it just the cutest? It weighs … [Read more...]