How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes}

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Every year I want to make stuff for the boys to bring into school and share. My boys love that I’m able to do and often share their ideas on what they wanted. This year my theme was candy corn so when Johnny asked if I could make cupcakes for the 6th grade bake sale I said sure!

I started with white cake mixes. I separated the amount I need into three portions. Then dyed them. White having the least amount of batter.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

I used Wilton Icing Colors to dye my cake batter. For this project I used Orange and Lemon Yellow.

I lined my pans with Halloween cupcake liners and placed my pumpkin sticks aside.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Then I took my yellow batter and scooped enough to cover the bottom of the liner. Then I did the same with the orange batter, and then topped off with a little white since I added a little too much orange to them all.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Then bake as directed to your cake mix. If you filled them high like me they will rise up and over.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Next I separated my frosting just like I did my cake batter and use my same dyes to color them.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

I used my 2a tip and put a ring of yellow frosting and then a ring of orange. Some  closed the top off and others I left unfinished. They looked so ugly I was nervous I ruined them.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

For the ones I topped off with the orange I used some cute Halloween sprinkles and grabbed the pumpkin sticks from the liners pack. Don’t they look cute?

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

For the remainder of them I used my 1M tip and twirled off the top with some white frosting a piece of candy corn.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Inside you can see the different layers of color.

How to make {Candy Corn Cupcakes} #Halloween #cupcake #candycorn

Remember Candy Corn is not just for Halloween they would be perfect for any Autumn Celebration!


  1. These are cute! Definitely saving this to make next year

  2. Christine Mayfield says

    Those are so cute! I am sad to admit but this is the first year I didn’t buy candy corn. I can’t believe I forgot =)

  3. Richard Hicks says

    These look really great. Wish I had seen this before Halloween. Lover the informative photos too.

  4. victoria lester says

    This is an adorable idea and oddly I just found the Wilton Icing Colors at Meijers when I last went there and picked some up. So I’ll be making some of these special cupcake ideas. Thanks for the idea!
    victorialester777 at yahoo dot com

  5. Debbie Welchert says

    These are so neat. I want to make these cupcakes for a Thanksgivings surprise for my grandkids. Their just going to love it.

  6. shelly peterson says

    Too cute and looks so yummy! Would love to do something like this with a Thanksgiving theme:)

  7. Dianna Thomas says

    cute cupcakes– I can’t wait to see what you will have next– I wish I had seen these earlier–yummmmmo

  8. Dianna Thomas says

    yummmmooo–I wish I had seen these earlier–really cute

  9. Jennifer Mae Hiles says

    I love how you layered the different colored batters, I have never thought to try that. They turned out awesome, I’m not sure I have the skill for this recipe but it never hurts to try!

  10. Christy says

    Wow what a medley of colors , kids would love it even just looking at it.

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