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A few years ago I loved to bake but I didn’t know how to pull it all together. I could make a good cake but as far as decorating it I didn’t go much farther then a tub of frosting and a butter knife. Then I was asked to be a Wilton Mom and everything changed. I flew out to Chicago and they taught me how simple it was to take that same frosting and put it in a bag with a tip and take my decorating to a whole new level.

They didn’t teach me anything that you can’t learn. If you are still looking for a fun gift idea consider giving someone a gift card to Michael’s to go towards taking a cake decorating class. You could even take it with them! How fun would that be?

2012 Wilton Yearbook Cake

I’ve made a few cakes since then too! The very first character cake pan I tried was this SpongeBob cake. It wasn’t perfect and it took me a really long time but it was worth it all. Gavin was absolutely thrilled with it and knowing I made it for him was literally icing on the cake!

Wilton SpongeBob Character Pan Birthday Cake Tutorial

For something fun I made this soccer ball cake for an end of season celebration. It’s two cakes put together and was the fastest one I’ve made so far. It was the first time I got to try out the fun grass technique too!

Soccer ball cake

The most recent cake I made was for Sawyer’s 1st birthday. It was the Mickey Mouse cake and it was tricky mainly because a lot of the lines didn’t come through but in the end I think it turned out fabulous!

Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Pan

Part of making a good cake is having the right tools. You don’t need many to start off with but once you get a good collection of supplies together keeping them organized is key. When you start decorating it is key to have everything you need in reach! This Decorator Preferred Decorating Set is everything you need to get your decorating on! It provides all the tools you need and a great place to organize and store them all.

Inside this caddy, you’ll find all the essential tools for decorating with buttercream and royal icings—all stored in our brand-new Decorator Preferred Decorating Caddy. Caddy measures 8.25 in. x 16.25 in. x 6.25 in. Set/48.

• 16 Decorating Tips: Round 3, 5, 12; Star 18, 21, 32, 1M; Basketweave 48; Leaf 352, 69; Petal 103, 125; Drop Flower 225, 109; Multi-Opening 233; Bismark 230
• 9 in. and 13 in. Angled Spatulas
• 4 Standard Couplers
• 2 Bake-Even Strips
• 16 in. Professional Decorating Bag
• 2 — 10 in. Professional Decorating Bags
• 12 — 12 in. Disposable Decorating Bags
• 1.5 in. Flower Nail
• Tip Brush
• Flower Lifter
• 6 Silicone Tip Covers

Decorator Preferred Decorating Set

Right now one (1) Mom Spotted readers has the opportunity to win a $99 Decorator Preferred Decorating Set. To enter use the Rafflecopter form below. Good Luck!
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  1. holly says

    I have never taken one , but would love to never a sitter !

  2. Krissy says

    I have never taken a cake class. I’d like to but have never found the time.

  3. I’ve always wanted to take a Wilton Decorating Class, but they’ve never fit into the schedule! Perhaps 2014 will be the year!! Fingers crossed!

  4. Leah B says

    I tried to sign up for one at a Michael’s store last month but they were all full. It’s on my 2014 to-do list!

  5. Sami K says

    I have never taken a class even though ive been dying to! i even worked at michaels and couldve taken it free! ugh. i just have never found the time.

  6. Jessica B says

    I have never taken any classes, can’t really afford to spend the money on something I can learn myself.

  7. Melinda Starnes says

    I haven’t taken a Wilton decorating class, but my parents baked and decorated cakes. My dad was very talented…I have some of his pans and generally buy Wilton products. I decorate as a hobby and my grandchildren love the cakes I have done for them.

  8. Lora says

    I haven’t taken one, but would like to.

  9. Natalie S says

    I have not taken a class from them b/c I’ve never heard of it! Will have to look into this – looks like great fun!

  10. Cheryl says

    I want to take a class so bad

  11. Mary Beth Elderton says

    I have never done a Wilton decorating class. I don’t think I’ve seen one offered at a time when I could do it.

  12. Shilo Beedy says

    Never had the money or transportation to get to a cake class but it would be neat to do

  13. Mary says

    I have taken two Wilton cake decorating classes and I loved them! I can’t wait to move on to the third! I’m really addicted, I would love to learn to make more of those beautiful flowers. Also I’m excited to learn how to use the modeling chocolate. I could really use one of those caddies! All my stuff is in Wegman’s bags.

  14. Lyn says

    I have not taken a class, mostly because I haven’t looked into them. I figure there is a charge, and we don’t have it in the budget.

  15. CathyH says

    No, been busy with my home and business but would love to

  16. Nicky says

    I’ve never taken a class, my grandmother owned a cake decorating shop and I learned from her but the tools are expensive.

  17. Jill says

    I’ve never taken one. However, it wasn’t for the lack of interest 🙂 Just time management.

  18. sylvia says

    I haven’t taken one; there hasn’t been any available in our area

  19. Kathleen Smith says

    I am interested in taking a few classes. I love to decorate and be creative. I have never taken one because most of them occur at night and I have 2 young children.

  20. Helen Swarts says

    I’ve never taken a class, just can’t afford it, but I see wilton has awesome items to decorate and just be creative.

  21. I’ve never taken one because I don’t do decorating that often, and I know enough from what my mom taught me.

  22. McKim says

    I have not. I guess I didn’t know there was even such a thing!

  23. Becky Greenly says

    Never have, would be fun

  24. Betty says

    No I haven’t taken a Wilton class – when stationed in England I did take take some classes over there.

  25. beckybarrettbeitzel says

    i have not. i never knew you could! it sounds fun!!

  26. Laura Grace Andry says

    I have never taken a class. I didn’t know it was an option!

  27. Laura Grace Andry says

    I have never taken a class. I did not know it was an option!

  28. Wendy McBride says

    I never have taken a class. They don’t offer it here.

    wendym at cableone dot net

  29. elizabeth p says

    I have not taken a class because the Michaels are all an hour away.

  30. Shay says

    I’ve never taken a cake decorating class. I’d love to.

  31. nancy says

    I have not- because I never knew about them- now I can’t wait to take one with a friend! It would be the PREFECT gift for her!

  32. Nancy says

    I took a Wilton decorating course many years ago when I was a newlywed. I remember learning to freeze your cake before you iced it, brushing away any crumbs. Also you can practice your icing piping techniques on a cookie sheet – you don’t need to make a cake to practice – LOL!

  33. Christina says

    I have never taken a Wilton decorating class before but I would LOVE to. I’ve always been intimidated by making cakes, but this past year I’ve taken the leap and made a couple of cakes… not great at it (have a lot to learn) but I’ve had fun.

  34. Jane Herb says

    I just finished the first Wilton course and loved it!

  35. sandra davis says

    i have never taking a class before because i didnt know they had them. it would be great to take.

  36. gina says

    No, I haven’t. Didn’t know you could!

  37. DEBIJOT says

    I have not taken a class because I never really thought of it.

  38. gina says

    No I haven’t taken a Wilton class before.

  39. Vera S says

    I have never taken the class because I’ve never had the time or opportunity.

  40. susan h says

    I have not but I have been trying to get my daughter to go with me for years.

  41. I’ve never taken a Wilton class because there has never been one close to where I live. I’d love to take one because I suck at frosting cakes. =p

  42. I haven’t taken a Wilton class because there aren’t any craft stores nearby, I have to drive pretty far to bigger cities.

  43. woowoo5481 says

    i tried teaching my self the first cake i made was a castle

  44. I totally love the Mickey Mouse cake, but you knew that because I told you when you made it. =)

  45. Yes I have. I’ve taken 3, one a repeat. Gave all my cake decorating things to my granddaughter so I’d love to have this.

  46. courtney hennagir says

    I haven’t because I had no idea they existed! I really want to now!

  47. deb c says

    I haven’t. I’m a self taught cake decorator

  48. Kristi C says

    I have not, but I would like to.

  49. Anne M. says

    I haven’t taken any Wilton classes, none nearby…but I would love to learn new skills.

  50. Emilie Proctor says

    I haven’t been to a Wilton Cake Decorating class. The closest one is about an hour away.

  51. Mary Dailey says

    No, I have not had a class, but my mother bought the books and taught herself and I learned from her and am still learning.

  52. sandra says

    i’ve taken a cake decorating class but not specifically by wilton

  53. Jennifer Kreisler says

    My computer fliped out so I don’t think my comment went through so I am trying again. I haven’t taken a Wilton cake decorating class because my hubby has not beed comfortable watching the kids…. but I think that is soon to change and I love making special fancy caked for my kids, so I would love to do it!

  54. kim burnett says

    I have never taken a class mainly because I really didn’t know about them. Great idea though, will check into it!

  55. Denise M says

    i havent yet but my sister and i are planning to this year

  56. Cynthia R says

    NO i haven’ but would love to.

  57. I have taken 2 classes. Would love to go back and take the wedding cake class.. Lost all my cake decorating supplies in my divorce and need to re-buy everything.. Would be awesome if I could win this..

  58. Thao says

    I have wanted to take it at the Michael’s and my schedule never allows me to do it weeknights.

  59. Bailey M. says

    I haven’t. We finally got a Jo-Ann a couple of towns over, but I don’t think they ever offer classes.

  60. Heidi Daily says

    I have not taken a Wilton cake decorating class, because my grandmother taught me how to decorate cakes using Wilton products.

  61. Devon F says

    I haven’t yet but have always wanted to

  62. nicole says

    no- never been able to schedule around work! 🙁

  63. Laurel O. says

    I haven’t taken one because I didn’t know much about them and I didn’t know they were available at craft stores.

  64. Sue Ellison says

    I have never taken a Wilton class but i think it would be fun. I live so far away from any craft store, that it’s hard to fit it in around all our schedules.

  65. JLin says

    I have never taken a Wilton class, maybe I will

  66. zenetta says

    I have never taken a Wilton’s cake decorating class. I have always wanted to take a class.

  67. Betty Baez says

    No i never havent, I’ll have to check and see if theres one near me!

  68. Margaret Smith says

    No, I haven’t because I didn’t know about them. I’d really love to take a class.

  69. stephanie says

    Yes I have! I didn’t get to finish it though because we didn’t have a sitter for the last 2 sessions 🙁 I am hoping I can take it over again but only way that will happen anymore is if they can find someone to teach it. So, I would have to go an hour away to do it.

  70. Michelle Weaver says

    I have not, I’ve never heard of them before.

  71. Nannypanpan says

    I have not, but I have wanted to..but the husband watching the kids has stopped me

  72. Renee G says

    I haven’t. I’m not sure if anyone offers them around here.

  73. I have never taken one, I didn’t know they existed! Fantastic news.

  74. Eileen Richter says

    I had never taken a Wilton class, because I was lucky enough to have my mom start my wanting to do cakes (she used to decorate cakes for the birthdays at a nursing home she used to wrlk at when I was a pretween). I dabbled by starting to buy the Wilton books and leaned a lot from a friend. But never got into too much for my own creations. Never have tried fondant and have not doen much for cakes the past 10 years. Now that my duaghter wants to learn, as we have done CUPcake decorating together, she’d like to do crazy on this art!

  75. I would love to win this I hope I win

  76. Liz Moulton says

    I have never taken a Wilton Cake Decorating class but have always thought it would be so much fun! I never buy cakes for parties or box mixes…I do it all from scratch and I love all the Wilton products!!!

  77. Peggy Gray says

    I would love to take a class but I’ve never known a wilton class to be available in my area. I would love to be able to make all the birthday cakes for my grandchildren.

  78. Pamela Wilson says

    I have never taken a Wilton Cake Decorating class either because I was working at the time or it was not offered wherever I was living. I am retired now and have the time to do this.

  79. Dana Rodriguez says

    No I haven’t..never had the opportunity but I bet that is alot of fun!

  80. Stephanie Bonck says

    Not yet, but when my last child begins school next year, I’m determined to go take cake decorating classes at Michael’s. I’ve already decided this and told my husband several times.

  81. TRINA NIELSEN says

    I would to be able to take one of their classes. It looks so fun.

  82. No, I haven’t had the money to take the class.

  83. Heidi Hill says

    I havent had the money but would really love to take the class

  84. I haven’t. I’ve taught myself everything I know. When I first got into cake decorating I didn’t have the extra $$ for classes or the time.

  85. Roberta C says

    They have classes at Michaels, but I have not taken any yet. I would love too, but don’t have the money to spend. Oh, that just gave me an idea to tell my husband. He could get me classes for Christmas!

  86. Cynthia C says

    I haven’t attended any because I don’t have the time or money for them.

  87. Jonathan Legans says

    I have not taken a cake decorating class before. I am on a tight budget at this time rather. I am on SSI and I don’t get much at all. I cannot afford to take a cake decorating class rite now, things are too high these days. I would love to have a cake decorating kit, because I love cooking and baking as well.

  88. Angela Kinder says

    I don’t think I’ve ever taken a Wilton Cake decorating class because I don’t know if my area has them. Would love, though!

  89. Kellie Terwin says

    no, havet had the money

  90. kayla says

    these always look so cute, but like i could never accomplish it, would love to try

  91. Melissa Teears says

    I have never taken a class. Didn’t even know they existed. Sounds so fun.

  92. Tari Lawson says

    I took one about 35 years ago with my mom. We had such a good time.

  93. Jessica H. says

    I have not, but I would love to! I love making my girls cakes for their birthdays and would love for them to look that beautiful!

  94. Cindy B says

    No, I haven’t because the closest class to me is 180 miles one way. I’d love to, though!

  95. Kimberly Schotz says

    I have always wanted to take a class. It’s on my wish list.

  96. FRANK S says

    I haven’t attended any because I don’t have the time.

  97. Tiffany Hatfield says

    I have been trying to bake foe years just havent ever had the money to buy new baking supplies!!

  98. ELIZABETH C. says

    I haven’t taken a class. I really never thought about taking a class but I would love to.


  100. Carol w says

    I have not taken a class. I never really checked into classes to be honest. Thanks

  101. Darlene Carbajal says

    I have not ever taken a class, but I’d like too!

  102. Mary Casper says

    no there is not one in my area

  103. Desiree Dunbar says

    I have at a craft store in CT and loved it.

  104. mickeyfan says

    I never have. Why? Because one of my besties is a cake maker/decorator. She loves to do it and is great at it and I love to “allow” her to do my cakes!

  105. Amanda Alvarado says

    No I haven’t. I wouldn’t know where to look for one around here!

  106. I’ve never taken a Wilton Cake Decorating Class. I usually learn what I need to outside of a classroom.

  107. Rochel S says

    Ive never taken one but I would love to.

  108. Lesley F says

    I have not taken a class but I have learned through their magazines how to decorate cakes.

  109. Sophie says

    I didn’t realize they were offered, and I live in Chicago.

  110. gregg deering says

    I haven’t, but family members have.

  111. Mer says

    I haven’t, but it’s been on my to do list for a while! The schedule’s never worked out for me, but maybe in the new year…

  112. I’ve never taken the class. But, I would love to. I could use all the help I can get!

  113. Mary Ng says

    Never taken class, haven’t thought about it.

  114. christine jessamine says

    I have not taken one yet, but maybe will later on

  115. Jill Rivera says

    No, I have not taken the class but now that I know there is one I will have to check into it.

  116. R Ramos says

    I have not taken a class, but perhaps in the future.

  117. Kyl Neusch says

    i have taken one

  118. mysweetiepiepie says

    I have.

  119. Tricia says

    I’ve never taken a Wilton class but have wanted to. But I’m a recent graduate of the Culinary Institute of America, so I have learned a bit of cake decorating.

  120. Gianna says

    I haven’t.. I’ve never had the time.

  121. beth shepherd says

    I have not but would love too.

  122. Christine says

    I have not maybe someday.
    Thanks for the chance!

  123. tracy reed says

    I have not taken a class yet. but I’ve always wanted to.

  124. Michelle says

    I could not afford to take it

  125. Beth W says

    I haven’t taken one mostly because I never got into baking cakes that much until this past year.

  126. Julie Smith says

    I have not yet taken a Wilton class, but I LOVE the cakes you show in this post! I, too, limit myself to homemade icing and a spatula – when I really want to get fancy, I’ll take a tip or two out and attempt some writing or little “swirlies” on the edge of the cake! I bought my daughter the larger Wilton decorating set (as well as the class books) – she’s our “Cake Boss” and her cakes are fabulous-looking! I’d love a set for myself (I’d need to take a class or two for myself as well). thanks for the chance to win!

  127. Cathy says

    I have not taken a Wilton decorating class YET, but I am going to soon!

  128. CJ Godfrey says

    I’ve never taken a class. I would love to, but don’t seem to have the time!

  129. Katy P says

    I have never taken one because I don’t have any free time.

  130. Susan Chester says

    I haven’t but I would like to. I have never seen a class offered near me.

  131. Mayla M says

    I haven’t yet because I haven’t made the time. I bet it would be fun!

  132. I haven’t because I make most of my things with vegan icing.

  133. No, but I would if there was one near me.

  134. Rebecca Orr says

    I have not. Honestly, I never really thought about it before. If it was not too expensive I would consider it.

  135. Laura J says

    I have not taken one, have not seen them offered around me before. Will have to watch for them! I would love to learn to decorate cakes better!!!!

  136. Stacey B says

    I never have, but if I won this set I would definitely look into it! Would save me money on birthday cakes for my kiddos every year

  137. Teresa says

    I have not taken a class, I didn’t know they were offered.

  138. Danalee Davis says

    I have never been to one, because I don’t have one near me. Looks fun though!

  139. Mandala says

    Have not taken one – schedule just wont match. Hope I can someday

  140. Courtney says

    I have never taken a Wilton Cake Decorating Class before because I didn’t know they were offered.

  141. Carly D. says

    not yet but it sounds fun!!

  142. Jennifer Dunaway says

    I’ve always wanted to but there is not a class near me since we live in the middle of no where.

  143. I’ve never thought thought of taking a class but it sounds fun.

  144. Paol Trenny says

    I have not taken any classes because honestly I have never heard of them before so I did not know about the class

  145. I haven’t take one, but would like, too.

  146. Becky Greenly says

    Never heard of the class. Not in our area

  147. Tammie Venne says

    No, but I would love to, just havent had time or money to sign up for the class

  148. Daniel M says

    nope, i’m probably hopeless

  149. maria c says

    I have never through of taking a class but it sound exciting. I have to look for classes in my area. Thank you for this giveaway.

    • maria c says

      rafflecopter name: maria carrasco

  150. Natalie yeoman says

    Yeah I took one before at michaels craft store it was a lot of fun

  151. liz l says

    yes i did- at michaels

  152. Brittney House says

    No, because I’ve never heard of their cooking classes until today.

  153. Theresa D says

    I have never taken a Witon cake decorating class because I have not had time. I have always wanted to take the classes.

  154. Kim H says

    I have not but I want to and have looked up dates and times!!!

  155. Misty Smith says

    No I’ve never taken one of their classes. I’ve always wanted to but haven’t been able to find the time. 🙁

  156. Monique Rizzo says

    No, I have never known where they are offered. It would be fun though!
    Thanks for the chance.

  157. I havent taken a class because I’ve never seen one offered in my city! Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  158. Rachel says

    No I haven’t taken a class maybe when I have time and money I would love too but I would love to win this!!!

  159. Lori K. says

    I haven’t take one but would love to! I am just getting started with decorating cakes, cupcakes and desserts!

  160. Paula Tavernie says

    No I haven’t because Im just so busy!

  161. Tamar says

    I never heard of it before.

  162. Katy Dutcher says

    No class offered around here

  163. Candace says

    I havent but it sound like it would be a lot of fun.

  164. carey p says

    I took 2 years of cake decorating in High School

  165. Erica C. says

    I never have…never thought to!

  166. Richard Hicks says

    I have not taken their class mostly because of lack of time

  167. kelley roach says

    ive always wanted to take a cake decorating class

  168. shawna says

    I haven’t but would love to!

  169. David Heath says

    yes, years ago

  170. Karen Matlock says

    I didn’t know they gave classes but I’d love to.

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