Win a Wilton Cake Decorating Preferred Decorator Set! $99 Value! #HolidayGiftGuide

A few years ago I loved to bake but I didn't know how to pull it all together. I could make a good cake but as far as decorating it I didn't go much farther then a tub of frosting and a butter knife. Then I was asked to be a Wilton Mom and everything changed. I flew out to Chicago and they taught me how simple it was to take that same frosting and put it in a bag with a tip and take my decorating … [Read more...]

Wilton’s Punch. Cut. Decorate! Giveaway! $126 Value!

Remember when I told you all about my Wilton Punch. Cut. Decorate! fun? Well, I'm super excited to share with you that they are in stores and available for purchase! Here are just a few things I got to see and make using the awesome Wilton Punch. Cut. Decorate! tools: First off you're going to need the sugar sheets! This is the magic part of it all. It's not stiff and hard but soft and … [Read more...]