My First Christmases As A Mom

I don't really talk about the past much. But while thinking of some topics for a keyword it made me think of some old stories and thought I would share. For those of you who haven't read my blog that long what you don't know is I was a teen when I had Johnny. I had just graduated high school and during my pregnancy I moved in with his Dad. Shortly after having him we broke up. Our first Christmas … [Read more...]

Wilton’s Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit Is So Much Fun!

Wilton sent me the Pre-Baked Gingerbread House Kit for the holidays. I have to admit I was immediately overwhelmed. I had always wanted to do one of them but never had. I was sent the Halloween version and went to make it multiple times but there never seemed to be enough time.You had to make the house first and then let it sit for an hour before you could move on to the fun decorating part. I was … [Read more...]

Holiday Peppermint Bark Kit From Wilton!

I love making chocolate bark around the holiday's. I love giving it to friends and family- and of course keeping some around here for us. Giving it out can sometimes be a challenge because you don't want to spend all the time making it and then fail on presentation. Not with Wilton. They take care of everything for you with the Holiday Peppermint Bark Kit! Makes 6 complete treats for gift … [Read more...]

Plow And Hearth $75 Gift Card Giveaway! Are Your Ready To Entertain This Holiday Season?

When I had to decide what to get for a review from Plow & Hearth it took me much longer then normal. Plow & Hearth is one of those sights that until you actually start going through the pages do you realize that you want one of everything and narrowing down a selection is nearly impossible- and I didn't. I narrowed my choices and let the PR rep pick because I couldn't. I will definitely be … [Read more...]

Oneida Christmas HoHoHo Dinnerware Review

There is one thing I have always wanted when it comes to the holidays. A beautiful holiday dinnerware set. So when I had the opportunity to work with Oneida and saw their HoHoHo Dinnerware Collection and it was a red base which is the color I use most to decorate with I knew it would be perfect for me. I know when many people think of Oneida they immediately think of flatware but really they are … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Glittery Pinecone Ornaments! Kid Friendly!

Our favorite ornaments to make are glittery pinecones! They are fun and super easy! Supplies needed for Glittery Pinecones: Pinecones Glue Paintbrush Glitter I used craft glue so I knew it would hold the ribbon. Just paint the pine cones and cover with glitter. Then add glue to the top and rest the ribbon in it until it dries. You can decided the right length of ribbon in which … [Read more...]

Win An Amazing Christmas Cookie Bundle From Wilton Valued At Over $80

I have been blogging Wilton products for just over a year now. I visited them and got to meet them in person last June. Over the summer I became an official Wilton Mom Ambassador. I have loved being an ambassador for them and I love the new challenges it brings me. Prior to visiting them and taking the cake decorating courses I had never done more then butter knife frosting on a cake. Since them I … [Read more...]

Win Matching Christmas Pajamas For The Whole Family! Snug As A Bug Review & Giveaway!

Every Christmas Eve we have the same tradition. It was my tradition when I was little and I've carried it on with my boys now that I'm older. The excitement of the tree and seeing all the presents underneath it every year was so much that my mom would let me open up one gift every Christmas Eve. It was always the same thing- New warm, cozy jammies to wear that night. They were already laundered … [Read more...]

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks Review & Giveaway! Make Books More Personal When You Can’t Be There!

When I think of sending a personalized message to someone this time of year one of my first thoughts is Hallmark. They always know just what to say. Well, now they know just what you should say. They have fifteen great recordable storybooks that you can give to children to read over and over and over again and hear that special persons voice read to them. With so many choices and great titles … [Read more...]