Get Ready for Christmas with Hallmark! {Christmas Holiday Prize Pack}

  I am so excited about Christmas. It's taking everything for me to not start decorating already. I have started cleaning up the house and hiding away gifts in corners and closets. I've started drooling over custom Christmas Cards and and began nagging for my husband to put up the porch lights before the snow comes and he can't. Like last year, sigh. Of course when the holidays roll around one … [Read more...]

Our Christmas {2012}

This Christmas just crept up on me like no other. Going to Florida this year unexpectedly between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a week was just too much. We couldn't get a tree until we got back since we couldn't water it which meant I was even farther behind then my normal day after Thanksgiving decorating routine. When we finally got it I was so disappointed. There were only a few to chose from … [Read more...]

Matching Personalized Winter Wonderland Stockings from Personal Creations! Review!

 I love Christmas. I love everything about it from the decorating, baking, and spending time with our family. Of course the first thing I do to get in the mood is decorate. Now, as you know many things didn't get done this year because we went to Florida for a week and it's taken its toll on us in more then one way but I still tried my best to decorate a little in each room. One area Ive never … [Read more...]

Make Your Own Christmas Shaped Crayons! #Tutorial

I've been seeing all kinds of posts popping up all over about making your own crayons and while it is super easy and doesn't require much some people really assume it's so simple that you don't need directions. I pinned this project multiple times from multiple people and do you know I had to google for actual temps and times?!? So when we made our Christmas shaped crayons we documented what … [Read more...]

Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments your kids will love to make!

Old post I thought you guys might like for your kiddos this year! Every year I have the boys make ornaments for all the family members as their gifts to them. This year I am really loving the ornaments they made! They came out super cute!! You'll need basic supplies. I had both paint and markers and we decided to use markers because we wanted to cut out the wait time since we had to do them in … [Read more...]

Baby’s 1st Christmas Ornaments {Help Me Decide}

I really want to get Sawyer a 'Baby's 1st Christmas' ornament. I don't want anything too fancy as I no longer have one for his brothers since the fire. Just something small. I've also considered buying a new less personal one for the older boys too. I just can't pick which one to get. Help me decide on your favorite. These are all from Etsy and if you love one feel free to click the link and it … [Read more...]

Holiday Goodies Delivered to Your Door from Build-A-Bear {Review & Giveaway}

We already love Build-A-Bear but around the holiday season I personally love them even more because the animals we make become special memories for us that we pull out and use as decor each year. We just love the Hal & Jolly Moose we did a few years ago. This year we are super excited to add the Grinch and Rudolph to our collections! They will be perfect for this holiday season! We had them … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your Holiday Memories with Hallmark {Review & Giveaway}

I love Hallmark but no time of year makes me think of the Hallmark brand more then the holidays. From their ornaments, to their cards, and small gifts they have completely captured how to keep our most valuable holiday keepsakes close to our hearts for many years to come. Now that I'm a mom I love that they have many things that not only hold memories but products that also make this time of year … [Read more...]

Christmas Questionnaire 2011

1.) Have you started your Christmas shopping? I'm done. I should be as it's three days away. I've been done for awhile though. 2.) Tell me about one of your special traditions. I buy the kids Christmas themed jammies and wash them and wrap them. The night before Christmas they get to open them and go to bed in new cozy fleece jammies. 3.) When do you put up your Tree? We put it up … [Read more...]