Let Hallmark Help You #PutYourHeartToPaper This Valentine’s Day!

Have you seen the new #PutYourHeartToPaper videos from Hallmark yet? They are so touching. I actually watched several of them before I was asked to participate in this campaign with them. They chose couples from all different backgrounds and different lengths of tie of being together. They asked these couples to describe their feeling about using their partners but they weren't allowed to use the … [Read more...]

Get Ready for Christmas with Hallmark! {Christmas Holiday Prize Pack}

  I am so excited about Christmas. It's taking everything for me to not start decorating already. I have started cleaning up the house and hiding away gifts in corners and closets. I've started drooling over custom Christmas Cards and and began nagging for my husband to put up the porch lights before the snow comes and he can't. Like last year, sigh. Of course when the holidays roll around one … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your Holiday Memories with Hallmark {Review & Giveaway}

I love Hallmark but no time of year makes me think of the Hallmark brand more then the holidays. From their ornaments, to their cards, and small gifts they have completely captured how to keep our most valuable holiday keepsakes close to our hearts for many years to come. Now that I'm a mom I love that they have many things that not only hold memories but products that also make this time of year … [Read more...]

Hallmark Recordable Artwork & Storybook Giveaway!

When you think about Hallmark you normally think cards or ornaments but they are so much more then that. Over the years we've actually made several of their Recordable Storybooks and the kids love listening back over them. When Sawyer was born was born me and the boys made him the 'Love You Forever' book and it was so cute.Gavin also has one for when I travel away from him. It's our way of reading … [Read more...]

Hallmark Valentine’s Day Giveaway!

Hallmark always knows how to say 'I love you' so at Valentine's Day it's only natural that I would know that they would have the perfect gift ideas. We all know that they have cards that say everything we want to and more but they have found other ways to say just we want to say. Literally. Hallmark Recordable Storybooks record our voice to tell the story. Your child can follow along and when … [Read more...]

Hallmark Christmas Countdown $50 Giveaway!

Christmas is so healing for me. There is something about this time of year that makes me like a 4 year old child all over again. The lights on the houses, the exchanging of gifts, and the ornaments on the tree. Of course the holiday season kick starts with my stalking the local Hallmark Store. I collect the singing plush every year and while my mom buys it for me as one of my gifts I still can't … [Read more...]

Hallmark Recordable Storybooks Review & Giveaway! Make Books More Personal When You Can’t Be There!

When I think of sending a personalized message to someone this time of year one of my first thoughts is Hallmark. They always know just what to say. Well, now they know just what you should say. They have fifteen great recordable storybooks that you can give to children to read over and over and over again and hear that special persons voice read to them. With so many choices and great titles … [Read more...]