Plow & Hearth LED Solar Lanterns {$50 Gift Card Giveaway}

We spend a lot of time outside. Even with the cooler temperatures we're enjoying the time we have home. The summers get so busy that it often seems like we're maintaining our yards but never around much to enjoy them. So when September rolls around and the obligations slow down we like being able to putter around the house and finally get a lot of our projects done. One of our newest additions to … [Read more...]

Plow And Hearth $75 Gift Card Giveaway! Are Your Ready To Entertain This Holiday Season?

When I had to decide what to get for a review from Plow & Hearth it took me much longer then normal. Plow & Hearth is one of those sights that until you actually start going through the pages do you realize that you want one of everything and narrowing down a selection is nearly impossible- and I didn't. I narrowed my choices and let the PR rep pick because I couldn't. I will definitely be … [Read more...]