Creative Way to Hang Your Christmas Cards!

Every year I go through the same thing. WHERE am I going to stick all the Christmas cards?!?! See I don't really have anywhere to stand them. My husband would kill me if I stuck thumb tacks all over the walls so they left me to taping them in the doorways. It looked great but come every January I cringed taking them down praying to God that the stain didn't come off with the tape and I'd live to … [Read more...]

Wordless Wednesday My Fall Decor Splurge

I've been so unmotivated lately. My house has been falling behind and I just couldn't pull myself out of this funk I've been in. I know I'm preggers but I needed to do something even if this 'exhaustion' was excused. On a recent trip to Walmart I fell head over heals for the new fall decor in the Better Homes & Gardens line. While my table is set for four, I actually bought six settings since … [Read more...]

Happy Easter Store! Review & $50 Gift Certificate Giveaway!

I love Easter time! It's one of the last big holidays for awhile and while we just had so many there has been recovery time from the last ones. You can decorate for Spring and just add simple things to make it look Eastery. Happy Easter Store has some really cute home decor to decorate with. I love that you can even personalize a lot of the choices too! Are you looking for an Easter Basket that … [Read more...]

Plow And Hearth $75 Gift Card Giveaway! Are Your Ready To Entertain This Holiday Season?

When I had to decide what to get for a review from Plow & Hearth it took me much longer then normal. Plow & Hearth is one of those sights that until you actually start going through the pages do you realize that you want one of everything and narrowing down a selection is nearly impossible- and I didn't. I narrowed my choices and let the PR rep pick because I couldn't. I will definitely be … [Read more...]

$190 Rustic Giving Tree Multi Candle Holder Review & Giveaway! Stunning PartyLite Christmas Decor!

You already know that I have a love for all things PartyLite. They are known for their awesome candles but if you aren't familiar with the brand just yet you just need to realize that they are so much more. They have so many beautiful home decor pieces. I have something PartyLite in almost every room in my home. Did you know you can host a party in your own home and earn free products? I will … [Read more...]