Teach Healthy Oral Care Habits with LISTERINE® #MC

“I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for LISTERINE. I received samples for this review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.” Getting my kids to brush their teeth before bed is a no brainer for them but somehow in the morning craziness they constantly try rushing out the door without brushing their teeth. It kills me. We've started having … [Read more...]

Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments your kids will love to make!

Old post I thought you guys might like for your kiddos this year! Every year I have the boys make ornaments for all the family members as their gifts to them. This year I am really loving the ornaments they made! They came out super cute!! You'll need basic supplies. I had both paint and markers and we decided to use markers because we wanted to cut out the wait time since we had to do them in … [Read more...]

UMI Shoes Style this Holiday Season Review & $60 Gift Card Giveaway!

Johnny was so easy to dress. Whatever I gave him he wore. He's still kind of like that in a sense as long as I keep it athletic. Gavin on the other hand is really picky with anything he wears. He has a say with everything that he wears. If he has visually approved it it still has to get his seal of approval comfort wise. Gavin doesnt like anything stiff, hard, or time consuming to put on. As a mom … [Read more...]

Celebrate Your Holiday Memories with Hallmark {Review & Giveaway}

I love Hallmark but no time of year makes me think of the Hallmark brand more then the holidays. From their ornaments, to their cards, and small gifts they have completely captured how to keep our most valuable holiday keepsakes close to our hearts for many years to come. Now that I'm a mom I love that they have many things that not only hold memories but products that also make this time of year … [Read more...]

Where’s Waldo Dog Costume and Childs Ghostbuster all from BuyCostumes.com

I'm such a procrastinator lately it's horrible. One thing I've learned now is that Halloween Costumes fly off shelves. Who knew? Well, now I'm telling you. It's also a lot harder to find specific items when your kids already know what they want in advance. Gavin, for instance, likes to do his own thing. He just loved this Ghostbuster Child Costume the moment he saw it.  I ain't afraid of no … [Read more...]

Jump Start Your Mornings with Tropicana Pure Premium #tropimommas

We are finally starting to get into a routine around here. The summer we totally lost a routine and things got a little rough around here. They say kids need a routine but honestly around here we all need a routine. When things start to slide it is like everything starts to slide. One thing that makes a huge difference to our day is the way we start it. My husband is the first one up and then the … [Read more...]

Florsheim Kids Getaway Bike Slip Jr Dress Shoes {Review & Giveaway}

Girls aren't the only ones trying to fit into their parents shoes. I've seen my boys try to walk in their Daddy's shoes from time to time and now thanks to Florsheim Kids they can wear their Daddy's shoes in their own size. This new line is constructed with the same craftsmanship of dad’s shoes — handpicked from the same designs — but recreated with age-appropriate lasts and tough materials … [Read more...]

Back-to-School Snacking with Libby’s Single-Serve Fruit Cups! Review & Cool Lunch Set Giveaway!

I can't believe it's almost back to school season here. I know for many school has already started! We've bought the school supplies, the clothing, and all the stuff they need. The rest we put our trust in the teacher to make sure our children learn and get all they can out of each day. As a mom I still need to make sure that my children have the energy they need to be able to do all that. Each … [Read more...]

#kajeet Back to School cell phones for kids!

The dreaded cell phone conversation. I knew it was coming. Afterall he is almost 12 years old. have been tossing the idea around for around a year on when and if my boys will have cell phones. See, Im not a big cell phone user myself. I don't have a smart phone and I don't have any of the bells and whistles. BUT it has definitely saved me when I'm out and definitely comes in convenient. The older … [Read more...]