Popsicle Christmas Tree Ornaments your kids will love to make!

Old post I thought you guys might like for your kiddos this year!
Every year I have the boys make ornaments for all the family members as their gifts to them. This year I am really loving the ornaments they made! They came out super cute!!
You’ll need basic supplies. I had both paint and markers and we decided to use markers because we wanted to cut out the wait time since we had to do them in stages to let the glue dry. You’ll also need some eager children!
Color the little popsicle sticks green, and the large ones green on top and brown on the bottom.
Cut the little popsicle sticks so that the angle up the large one. Glue them together. Also glue a star or ribbon on top.
Add satin ribbon for a hook by glueing to the back.
Glue and add sequins to the front.
They look great when they are done!
Plus the sequins pick up some great color on the tree!
I also had the boys write their name and date on the back. Of course I had to help Gavin.
Aren’t these cute?


  1. I am so doing that!

    We just baked some ornaments today that need to be painted. I love the idea of handmade ornaments from the kids. This would be a cute addition to our project! Thanks! 🙂

  2. These turned out wonderful! Would you please add them to our Christmas crafts linky: http://best-toys-for-toddler.blogspot.com/2010/11/toddlers-magic-christmas-idea-bank.html

  3. Linda White says

    I love these! Think I will make these for my daycare kids to give to their parents! What did you use to cut he popsicle sitcks?

    • Jennifer says

      Just regular scissors 🙂

  4. Those are really cute! I might stop by Michaels today to do a little ornament project to hang on the garland, I’m too picky about what goes on the tree.

  5. So cute! We do homemade gifts with the kids for their grandparents too. I just picked up stuff to do ours yesterday!

  6. Christy says

    Wow so super fun to do craft, I am gonna do this with kids not just as an ornament but as a project , snow with cotton n ths tree as the ever green one….. A fun filled day engaged

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