Our Christmas {2012}

This Christmas just crept up on me like no other. Going to Florida this year unexpectedly between Thanksgiving and Christmas for a week was just too much. We couldn’t get a tree until we got back since we couldn’t water it which meant I was even farther behind then my normal day after Thanksgiving decorating routine. When we finally got it I was so disappointed. There were only a few to chose from and the one we got was far too fat and short, we basically had to cut the tree to fit in the corner. The Friday before Christmas and I had to pick Gavin up from school since he wasn’t feeling good. Funny how once he was home he was fine but we made the most of it. While I was in the kitchen getting everything together for that weekends festivities Gavin asked if he could decorate the tree.

Yes, it was less then a week from Christmas and all that was on the tree were lights and some garland. No ornaments. So against my OCD instincts I told him he could go at it. I peeked in at one point and took a pic and I thought for sure he was going to knock the tree down. He was so proud of himself! Overall, he rocked it. The tree really couldn’t have been more perfect in the end.

Decorating the Christmas Tree #momspotted

I made lots of cookies and Nutter Peanut Butter Balls.

Nutterbutter balls kitchenaid mixer cookies recipe #momspotted

We all went to see Santa.

boys with santa 2012

Sawyer never cried!

Santa with Sawyer 1st Christmas 2012

Sawyer was dressed in his Santa’s Helper outfit!

baby sawyer 1st christmas #momspotted

When Santa finally came it was perfect.

presents under the tree santa came #momspotted

We got our first snow on Christmas Eve! It wasn’t much but it was enough to give us a white Christmas.


Johnny loved his new drum rack and symbol!


Gavin loved his new Wii U!


Sawyer didn’t really care what he received (although he got some good stuff too!) but he was just loving the wrapping paper!

sawyer on his 1st christmas morning #momspotted

And mama? She got a new iPhone! This is my first iPhone and I’m LOVING it!

iphone5 in pink grey otterb #momspotted

We spend pretty much the whole week surrounded by family which is why I wasn’t around to post. My favorite tree is always my Dad’s. This was actually the smallest tree they’ve had. Remember last year’s tree?

huge christmas tree country #momspotted

Now, we’re all in toy overload as I’m sure most of you are.

sawyer playing with all his new toys #momspotted



  1. This Christmas really crept up on me, too, and we didn’t travel in December. I can imagine how that would throw everything off. But, it looks like it was awesome Christmas.

  2. Sheree says

    What a beautiful Christmas you and your family had! Sawyer looks as adorable as ever! LOVE how big that tree was. I love your posts! You’re doing an amazing job as a mother! I’m 46, a wee bit older than you and I have to tell you, as a mother, looking at you a younger mom, you really have your stuff together and your an excellent mom and your family is blessed to have you. Keep up the good work girl!

    • Sheree says

      *you’re*….how did I miss that error?! One of my biggest pet peeves is spelling typos! Haha!

    • Jennifer says

      Awwww, thank you!!!!

      • Sheree says

        Just telling it like I see it. You really are a good mother. More younger mothers should be as involved in their childrens lives as you are, the world would be a better place.

  3. courtney b says

    gorgeous tree! i wish i could see some snow, here in arizona we dont see much!

  4. I think you got a beautiful; tree. It’s really the love you put into making it beautiful & with those boys in front of it FANTASTIC! So, you son is a drummer huh? Let me know when he turns 21 and we’ll get him a gig or a try out in my hubby’s band… hmmm wait he’s how old and my hubby is…. well maybe they could jam together some time… hahahahaha Hubby does Classic Rock & Blues so tell him to practice up. Thanks for sharing. The best part was Santa’s Helper.

  5. Looks like everyone had a great Christmas. I’m interested in the Nutter Peanut Butter Balls. Going to have to check it out and see if I can make them sometime.

  6. Christmas crept up on me, too. I have an almost-one-year old and a four-year old and I am behind on absolutely everything in my life right now. We were lucky we had a tree at all! Of course, now it’s still up, and who knows when it’ll finally come down (it’s fake). Sigh. Plus my older daughter’s birthday is Dec. 26 and the baby’s is Jan. 15th, and we had 2 separate extended family gatherings this year. Hello, chaos anyone? But we’re all happy and healthy and I couldn’t ask for more than that.

    • Jennifer says

      LOL, My mom’s birthday is Dec. 26 too!

  7. What a beautiful Christmas! The boys really made out well 🙂

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