The Manhan Bike Trails

  I love that we live close to the bike trail. They finished it at the end of last summer and this year we are really putting it to good use! I've been learning how to run on it every night and this weekend we dusted off all the bikes and hit our Manhan Bike Trails. Sawyer was not thrilled with his helmet but it's a must. Isn't he the cutest little thing? I love that all the … [Read more...]

Six Flags New England

I was super bummed out because I had to cancel a trip to NYC for an event over the weekend last minute due to lack of childcare. Being home for the weekend opened up other possibilities for us though. It was the last weekend Six Flags New England was running their season pass specials and I wanted to take full advantage. We haven't been since Johnny was Gavin's age and I wanted to go back but … [Read more...]

Sawyer’s Wilton Disney Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake {Step by Step Tutorial}

The theme for Sawyer's party took me forever to decide. So long that by the time I made up my mind it didn't leave much time for the planning. I wanted to be creative on the cake and almost even did a review on a really cute one from a local baker but in the end, I really wanted to make his Mickey Mouse Birthday Cake myself. So the morning before the party I woke up in a panic. I still had no idea … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} The Sweet Life

I had just finished feeding Sawyer breakfast but wanted to finish vacuuming before taking him out of his high chair. So I wheeled his chair to face the door. I turned around another one of the seats and enjoyed a cup of coffee with him before finishing up on some of my chores. When I got up I left the chair there and Charlie took it as an opportunity to be able to look out the window. They just … [Read more...]

Monthly Milestone Birthday Banner for 1st Birthday! {Craft Tutorial}

I really wanted to find a way to take advantage of all those milestone photos I took of Sawyer over the course of his first year but I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do. I looked all over Pinterest and several crafty blogs but nothing really got me excited. Here's how I ended up with this cute Monthly Milestone 1st Birthday Banner! I started out by printing out all my milestone photos. … [Read more...]

{Wordless Wednesday} It won’t be long!

My little booger has a favorite toy. I love that it entertains him for hours but the best part is its teaching him how to walk. How cute is he? Watch him go clear across the room. My sweet boy. For those curious he's playing with the Wooden Magnetic Toolbox Trolley Set with Tools and Building Supplies. It's only 22 seconds. Don't mind my squeal of excitement. ONLY … [Read more...]

How We Spent Sawyer’s Birthday

I can't believe my baby is one. His actually birthday was on Thursday so I cleared my whole schedule and we went out for the day and the computers went completely away. It landed on a school day so once I dropped Gavin off at school (he hates the bus) I stopped by Dunkin' Donuts and grabbed him a double chocolate donut. It's safe to say he liked it. Here's a video of his first taste of a donut … [Read more...]

Happy Birthday Sawyer!

I can't believe he's a year old! Yesterday I just found myself sitting on the floor watching him and recording him over and over again on my phone. I was so sad that I'd no longer have a baby and wanted to make sure I absorbed every last ounce of it. He'll always be my baby I recorded going to get him out of his crib yesterday. He's so precious: Today I am not getting on the laptop so I can … [Read more...]

Eleven Months Old {Sawyer James}

I've waited til the last possible moment to post these 11 month shots. I took them at the beginning of the month but when I looked at them later I was so disappointed that he was crying in almost every photo. I didn't get many shots to begin with because I wasn't interested in torturing him. We've been busy cutting teeth this month. So many of our photos look like this. Now that his birthday is … [Read more...]