The Manhan Bike Trails


I love that we live close to the bike trail. They finished it at the end of last summer and this year we are really putting it to good use! I’ve been learning how to run on it every night and this weekend we dusted off all the bikes and hit our Manhan Bike Trails.

Schwinn Toddler Bike Trailer

Sawyer was not thrilled with his helmet but it’s a must. Isn’t he the cutest little thing?

The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts

I love that all the trees are starting to grow. It’s a long strip and the different views all along the way are so nice and different.

The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts

We invited Johnny’s friend and hit the trail. I took off with them and went really far.

The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts New England

We start out with a far off view of the mountain.

The Easthampton Mountain The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts

And we went as far as being able to see the Connecticut River down by the Oxbow. I wanted to g farther but Johnny’s friend had to be back home.

The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts The Oxbox Connecticut River

We found Daddy, Gavin, & Sawyer down by Sawyer Field. Nice name, huh?

The Manhan Bike Trail Massachusetts Sawyer Field Williston School

Of course Johnny sat down and started watching too.


Later that night we used the trails for another bike ride to head down and get some Mt. Tom’s Ice Cream and sit by the pond. It total I did 14.5 miles that day!



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    Sounds like a great day! I’ve been taking advantage of the awesome weather we’ve had lately and have been hitting the local trails here too. So thankful for spring and the opportunity to spend more time outdoors with the kids!

  2. says

    SO pretty! I would love to have a trail like that near me. We used to when I lived in IL, but I haven’t found anything like it here so far. I love all the big shady trees!

  3. http://Sarah%20L says

    What a nice trail – love the trees and the water.

  4. says

    That is really pretty! We have a few trails here to. They are close, but not right by my house though.

  5. says

    That looks like a lovely trail.

  6. says

    What beautiful pics!

  7. says

    Absolutely beautiful!!

  8. says

    Such a nice ride!!

  9. http://carolyn%20G says

    Wow, that place is beautiful!

  10. says

    Gorgeous! We have a trail (not exclusively bike) right by our house, but I only take C when I walk. We really need to make it a family thing sometime.

    • http://Jennifer says

      This isn’t just for bikes either. This is the same trail I run on every night too!

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    You live in such a beautiful area, that trail sounds awesome! I wish we lived near one, it’s hard to bike ride on our road because the cars fly by and bathe you in a dust storm!

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    We have a trail close to our house too, but to get to it you have to drive pretty far for parking, or be dropped off and picked up.

    Looks like a lot of fun is going on over at your place right now. 🙂

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    I love getting out and walking trails with family. Thanks.

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    I wish we had trails like that around here! Gorgeous!

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    Love that you have a trail so close. It’s really pretty. For us here in NYC we have to drive out of state to catch a good trail. Central Park trails dont count 🙂

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    Beautiful pictures! I LOVE the bike trails, I’ve lived biking distance from them my whole life and our main trail follows a main river out there. Love it so much. And over 14 miles – wow! Great job! I bet the kids were worn out!

  17. http://Stephanie says

    How awesome that you live so close to a park like that! My kids would love a bike trail with a view like that!

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    Your trail is awesome! We have a small lake around here that we walk around every other night. I wish I could get more time without the younger kids to actually be out there and walking and running but not the case. Good luck on your journey!! 🙂

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    That is SUCH a beautiful trail to bike along!! I can’t wait for us to start our family bike rides back up again now that the weather is nice.

  20. says

    Aww, poor Sawyer! Did he eventually leave the helmet on and enjoy the ride? We really need to get our little ones to keep them on…they do not like helmets at all!! Great views though on that trail…every time you post pics here on on IG I always think how relaxing it looks and I’d love to exercise there. 🙂

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    I love rails-to-trails endeavors!
    I’m so glad you get to enjoy the trail and the beautiful scenery.
    Thanks for sharing the photos!

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    Such a pretty place for a bike ride!

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    Oh wow, what a great place to ride! 14 miles is awesome. We have so many great trails around here, your post reminds me that I need to take the kids out to them more often!

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    What a pretty area! Nick would hate the helmet too. He goes nuts when you put stuff on his head. His doctor said that when we get him a tricycle he would need a helmet, and I already knew that wouldn’t go over well.

  25. says

    14.5 miles? You go girl!

  26. http://Christina says

    You are doing awesome!!!! I can’t wait until my leg heals so I can get back to running – I was bad and pushed it a bit too much by walking the kids to school this morning (its swollen again and hurting like crazy). My kids have about 20 days left of school and we love to bike ride during the summer, but I wish we had a trail like this!

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    What a beautiful ride and an intense workout! You ROCK!!!

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    What a beautiful area. I’m glad it’s so close. I bet you and your family will enjoy it for years to come.

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    That is a beautiful bike trail. Makes me want to go find one around here.

  30. says

    I love all the photos I have seen you post on FB & IG – what a beautiful trail!

  31. says

    14.5 miles is great! I always seem to hit the wall around 12 miles.

  32. says

    Beautiful photos!

  33. says

    Looks like an amazing day. Love the name of the field. Cute!

  34. says

    You make me miss Massachusetts! Thanks for bringing me home for a bit

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    That area is so pretty! I remember when my brother was little my mom used to ride her bike with him in a seat on the back- I like the kind you have better, seems safer.

  36. http://Janet%20W. says

    My grandson doesn’t like putting a helmet on either, but once you get moving he forgets all about it. Great pictures!

  37. says

    Easthampton is a bit of a hike for me, but that trail looks awesome. My kids would LOVE it. We are over by Plymouth, so we ride through the state forest sometimes.

  38. http://Vickie%20Couturier says

    that is awesome over 14 miles on a bike! impressed,,you go girl,thats a g reat way to spend time with your family

  39. http://Maria%20Iemma says

    What a beautiful place and biking all that way is awesome — poor little guy was not thrilled. Did he finally get used to the helmet?

  40. http://Sarah%20L says

    We have great bike trails here in Denver. (not too many lakes/rivers)

  41. http://Sarah%20L says

    It was a beautiful day for a bike ride.

  42. http://Courtney says

    looks like a fun day!

  43. http://Sarah%20L says

    Our trees haven’t leafed out yet like your beautiful ones.

  44. http://Tammy%20S says

    What a beautiful bike trail. There is nothing better then just getting outside to take in the wonderful weather. I would love a trail like that close to my home. you are so lucky.

  45. says

    That bike trail looks like heaven! Isn’t it great the municipalities are giving us these wonderful outdoorsy opportunities!?

  46. says

    ooohhh i want to go on a bike riding with my boys. I love Sawyer’s expression in the first picture. too adorable!

  47. http://Nancy%20Bowers says

    Great fresh air and exercise! Good example for your kids too 🙂

  48. http://pat says

    I would like to go here

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