How We Spent Sawyer’s Birthday

I can’t believe my baby is one. His actually birthday was on Thursday so I cleared my whole schedule and we went out for the day and the computers went completely away. It landed on a school day so once I dropped Gavin off at school (he hates the bus) I stopped by Dunkin’ Donuts and grabbed him a double chocolate donut.

Sawyer 1st Birthday cake momspotted silly kid picture

It’s safe to say he liked it. Here’s a video of his first taste of a donut & chocolate EVER.

I took a ton of photos! So many that I couldn’t chose which ones to share. So I made a collage with a whole bunch of them. Isn’t he precious!

Sawyer 1st Birthday donut mess momspotted

For once he wasn’t thrilled about having to head straight to the tub. We normally start off with playing but since he was covered in chocolate we washed first and played later.

Sawyer 1st Birthday bathtime momspotted

All clean again. My big one year old.

Sawyer 1st Birthday bathtime momspotted

The camera kept clicking once he was dressed. Of course in Zutano. He was ready for mommy to put away the camera and go into town!


On his hat went and off we were!

Sawyer 1st Birthday shopping in Zutano Clothing momspotted

We spent the day downtown in Northampton and shopped in the little boutiques.

Sawyer 1st Birthday shopping in Contours Stroller in Zutano Clothing momspotted cedarchest thornes market northampton

He loved being outside even though it was chilly. Seeing all the traffic and all the people was so interesting I couldn’t get his attention half the time.

Sawyer 1st Birthday shopping in Contours Stroller in Zutano Clothing momspotted

On the way home I stopped by the grocery store since he was passed out and I found this cute little cake and thought it would be cute for when the boys came home. They had spent the evening out and loved being able to sing ‘Happy Birthday’ before bedtime.

Sawyer 1st Birthday mini cake momspotted

After we sang he tried a few bites. It was chocolate again but he was full from dinner and not really interested and the boys ate it instead.

Sawyer 1st Birthday mini cake momspotted

Of course we had a little more photo humor. Johnny thought this photo made him look like he was fire bending like in the avatar.

Sawyer 1st Birthday mini cake momspotted

Sawyer had a great 1st birthday and next weekend we’ll be celebrating it with his party. I can’t wait to share that with you too!


  1. Jess says

    He’s so cute! <3 Happy Birthday cute boy!

  2. Oh i love the photo of little cake with him in the background! I cannot wait to hear about his party…

  3. Alex Liz Robinson says

    too cute! Great photos!

  4. Christina says

    So cute!!!! Can’t wait to see/hear all about his party!

  5. Love the video! So, so cute. Happy birthday, Sawyer!

  6. Rebecca says

    So glad he had such a great birthday! All the pics are really, really cute! Especially the Dunkin Doughnuts pics heeheehee

  7. Such a cutie – looks like he had a great birthday!!! 🙂

  8. Happy birthday to Sawyer! He has the cutest facial expressions. Looks like he enjoyed that doughnut!

  9. Laurel O. says

    What a little cutie pie! Happy Birthday, Sawyer!

  10. Tammy S says

    He is so cute! Those are some amazing pictures. You will cherish those for years to come. My baby just turned 16. So I miss those days.

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