Eleven Months Old {Sawyer James}

I've waited til the last possible moment to post these 11 month shots. I took them at the beginning of the month but when I looked at them later I was so disappointed that he was crying in almost every photo. I didn't get many shots to begin with because I wasn't interested in torturing him. We've been busy cutting teeth this month. So many of our photos look like this. Now that his birthday is … [Read more...]

Ten Months Old {Sawyer James}

So much for being on time this month! Tomorrow baby boy turns 11 months but if it counts I *did* take the photos on his 10 month date I have just failed to blog them. So, in hopes that I'm not just lying to myself I'll take some cute Vday pics tomorrow as well as his 11 month and get the post up right away. Yeah, right. Getting things done right away isn't happening anywhere lately. Ten months … [Read more...]