{Wordless Wednesday} It won’t be long!

My little booger has a favorite toy. I love that it entertains him for hours but the best part is its teaching him how to walk. How cute is he?

Cutest baby ever! Sawyer James

Watch him go clear across the room. My sweet boy. For those curious he’s playing with the Wooden Magnetic Toolbox Trolley Set with Tools and Building Supplies.

It’s only 22 seconds. Don’t mind my squeal of excitement.

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  1. It won’t be long now mama! Loved the video! and the squeal of excitement.
    So exciting!
    Harold just started walking this past week without any encouraging. He just wouldn’t take that step on his own. But then he seemed to just take off.

  2. How sweet! They are just so precious at that age!

  3. nannypanpan says

    so cute, love his bowtie

  4. Christine M says

    So sweet! And what a fun toy =)

  5. Watch out!! He’s going to be ALL OVER very soon! I love that walking toy, too! VERY cute!

  6. I love watching little ones taking those wobbly steps – so stinkin cute!

  7. He is getting so big! It has been fun to watch the progression.

  8. Melissa says

    So close!!! He is so adorable!

  9. So cute! He sure can get around.

  10. Don’t you just love the look on his face like he can’t believe he is doing it? So much excitement! Wes makes the SAME face. <3 it!

  11. He’s so big!!! I love the bow tie too!

  12. Danielle F says

    I love that little tool bench walker! I have never seen one of those but I know if I have a little boy he will be getting one! Way to go little guy on walking!

  13. Jen says

    Love that bow tie!!! First steps are the best πŸ™‚

  14. Oh my gosh, look at that big guy!!! He’s gonna be running around that house getting into things in no time! Aren’t you the lucky one!!! πŸ™‚

  15. He looks so cute and happy he’ll be walking in no time!

  16. How did he get so big?? I love that bow tie πŸ™‚ My dad has started wearing them to court (he is a lawyer too) and swears he will bring them back into fashion. I have got to get some for our little man.

  17. That’s so exciting! He’ll be walking any second now!

  18. Yay how fun! I love the excitement for waiting for this milestone to happen.

  19. Aww he’s a cutie. Gosh I just can’t believe he’s almost walking! It seems like just yesterday you would share all this ‘month milestone’ pics and he was so little.

  20. Carolyn G says

    It’s amazing he gets cuter every day!!

  21. That toy is so cute! I’ve never seen that before.

  22. AWW!! He’s too cute and it will be VERY soon!!! He’s getting there too fast, make him stop! πŸ˜‰

  23. posh says

    I can’t believe how big your baby is!

  24. Oh my goodness! He is so adorable! And watch out mama, he’ll be running before ya know it!

  25. Look at him!! He is adorable!

  26. Oh my word, that little bowtie!!! Adorable. I also think my 4 and 5 year olds would love that toy, too πŸ™‚

  27. Cute bowtie!

  28. Katy says

    He is a super star! I wish they would have had something so manly when my boys were that small :).

  29. What a little pumpkin! They go from wobbler to runner in no time!

  30. so cute

  31. Alicia Keen says

    he’s getting there!!!

  32. Too cute!!!

  33. He’s so awesome!!!!!

  34. He definitely wont need help getting around for very much longer. πŸ™‚ #bittersweet

  35. Aww, so cute! I love his little bow tie too πŸ™‚

  36. vickie couturier says

    doesnt seem like he should be that old,wow did the time fly fast

  37. Too cute! Love the bow tie too!
    He’ll be walking on his own in no time!

  38. Tammy S says

    How cute! You are going to turn around one day and he will be walking all over the place.

  39. Joni Mason says

    How precious! I love his little bow tie! Enjoy every second of this because before you know it he’ll be running!

  40. How cute is he!

  41. What a cute video of Sawyer! I have a video of my son walking with his legs about 2 feet apart (or it seemed like it) when he first started learning. It was so funny!

  42. Janet W. says

    He is precious! Won’t be long until he’s walking around everywhere!

  43. Betsy Barnes says

    He is adorable! I won’t be long now πŸ™‚

  44. Love the bow tie.. and he let go a little too. So close.. will be walking soon. then he will for sure be into everything.

  45. sheena mcnamara says

    Joel loves that thing!

  46. Maria Iemma says

    He looks ready to take off – put on your sneakers, you will be running after him soon! Precious little one!

  47. Beth R says

    I absolutely love the bowtie. He is ready to take off! So bittersweet!

  48. Jen Gonyer says

    I just had to tell you that the outfit you have him in is absolutely adorable!! I love the little bow tie! So cute! πŸ™‚

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