{Wordless Wednesday} Sawyer’s 1st ER Trip

Oh boy! What a weekend. We almost got through it too. It was 5 minutes past bedtime but Sawyer was playing so contently. What were a few more minutes of him playing really going to do? Well, Sunday night it did quite a bit.  He fell right into his wooden activity cube he was playing with and sliced his forehead pretty good. At first hubby & I weren't sure what to do. The bleeding stopped … [Read more...]

Car Seat Safety- Do you say something?

We joke about it all the time on Facebook. Those darn car seat nazi's. We as mom's get defensive of our children and so when someone says something to insult our ability we take it personally and we go into fight or flight. Some delete the picture and then never post car seat pics again. Others get defensive and swear they'd never do that having never been there. Then it happens. And you … [Read more...]

Must Have Baby Products (6 weeks in!)

Since it had been almost six years since Gavin had been a baby I was searching high and low to make sure I had everything I needed this time around and knew exactly what would work the best to make the most of our time and money. Now that Sawyer is six weeks old I thought I'd share what products have made those weeks easier for us. Sleeping Arrangements  The Fisher-Price Deluxe Rock n' Play … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always What You Read

Breastfeeding is natural and easy. That is basically the angle of everything I read over the course of my pregnancy. I was so excited about this being the baby I would suck it up and follow through. With Johnny, I was just too young, a teen. I wasn't ready. I immediately went to formula after my midwife walked in and without warning pulled down my shirt and put Johnny to my breast. I was so … [Read more...]

Hospital Bag – Packing Your Hospital Bag for Labor & Delivery!

The hospital bag can be so overwhelming. While some of us plan to spend less than a day in the hospital others need to plan for up to five days. Regardless of what your birthing plan is you need to remember that things happen and sometimes no matter how much planning you do things happen. Your 24-hour pit stops to have a baby could turn into a week-long event. After having a breech baby who … [Read more...]

Dealing with Gender Disappointment

I wrote this post the week I found out the gender of this baby. I wrote it without the intentions of publishing it. Then last night I sat at Gavin's boys only tumbling class and looked around. I was surrounded in a sea of adorable little girls in leotards. His class had only 6 boys in it but the building was filled with hundreds of little girls. It's a stadium set up and we sit on a platform … [Read more...]

POOP The Hilarious Fun Baby Shower Game!

Looking for a fun baby shower game? This game is sure to be a hit with all the guests! It was funny to see everyone's reactions. Some agreed that not only was it hilarious but incredibly memorable and others just found it gross and disgusting. This game was hilarious and the faces of the older woman there were absolutely priceless! Of course at the end of the game, they were the ones who had the … [Read more...]

Baby. Number. Three.

Sorry, this isn't a post to tell you about a wonderful addition to our family, but instead the stress those three words cause for me. What many people don't  know is that for the past two plus years I have been TTC. See, I knew their might be some issues because I was told so before I had Gavin. I have PCOS and it's common to have fertility issues with that. However after having Johnny as a … [Read more...]

Teach me how to teach my son to POTTY TRAIN! Pointers? Tips? Anything? Help!

So we are on to potty training! The dreaded potty training! I went out and got this great potty at Walmart. When you pee in it, it will sing you a song! yay! Also, if you put the cover down it crosses as a stool for them to stand at the sink. Meet my new stool. My 2 year old is absolutely obsessed with brushing his teeth so he is always at the sink! But... My boy refuses to pee in the potty! I … [Read more...]