Six Things You Learn As An Experienced Parent

When you first learn you're going to be a parent you can feel so overwhelmed. There are so many choices to make from picking a name, choosing which products to put on your registry and even where and how you plan on delivering your new, precious bundle. As an experienced parent, you feel much more comfortable and you're aware more of your personal parenting style; or at least you're starting … [Read more...]

Red White & Blue Glitter Slime

I think July is my favorite month. It's the one month my kids are all home from school for the entire month and our family probably spends the most time together just relaxing and enjoying each other's company. The kids asked to make some glitter slime, and we thought we'd get a little patriotic while we were at it. We love to make slime and make it often, so we had everything we needed … [Read more...]

I’ve got a sucker!

Three kids in I've experienced a lot of things. One thing I haven't had so far is a thumb sucker. Last week I caught Sayer in his swing doing this: and then yesterday I caught him doing this: Once he woke it it became this: How precious is he? … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding/Formula Guilt

I know it sounds crazy. Why should I feel guilty? It's been two long months of the breastfeeding battle. One I have truly fought and won so how come now that its starting to get easy I'm feeling guilty over thinking about switching to formula. When I had Johnny I was too young. I was 18 years old and immature. I wanted to breastfeed in truth but the minute the nursing staff came in the room and … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month Two

The past two months have been amazing, awful, crazy, peaceful, insane, beautiful, and so much more then I an describe. Having Sawyer is a blessing that I am absolutely consumed with love. I can't imagine not having him in our lives and I'm so happy to be blessed with this miracle we thought we couldn't have. As you know I am constantly sharing photos of him with you on my facebook page (@Jennifer … [Read more...]

How to Deal With A Crying Baby…

Have you dealt with a crying baby before? I'm sure you have as all babies cry but have you dealt with a baby that cries all.the.time? Until recently I would have had to say no. However, over the past couple of weeks Sawyer has gone from just sad at times... To screaming his pretty little head off. At first it was something I was able to handle. Now, it's starting to wear me down. It's … [Read more...]

Daily Dose of Sawyer Round Up – Month One

I really wanted to post Sawyer's One Month Photos and Update but I have his Dr. appointment this after noon and really want to include all the information so I can go back and remember it all. I couldn't just skip over the fact he's a month old already and thought I'd share some of my favorite photos I've taken of him over the past month. If you are friends with my on facebook (not a fan, the … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always What You Read

Breastfeeding is natural and easy. That is basically the angle of everything I read over the course of my pregnancy. I was so excited about this being the baby I would suck it up and follow through. With Johnny, I was just too young, a teen. I wasn't ready. I immediately went to formula after my midwife walked in and without warning pulled down my shirt and put Johnny to my breast. I was so … [Read more...]