munchkin baby {nursery essentials} review & giveaway

I don't think I truly realized how far baby products have come and how much brands have researched until Sawyer came into our lives. Sure, I considered myself up to date with baby products even though Gavin was older since I still had them coming in but I mainly stuck to the bigger items. I never realized how far even the little items have come too.The Munchkin brand hasn't just taken into account … [Read more...]

Disposable Diaper Advice Needed!

I have been finding some great deals on diapers between clearanced  prints like the denim, santa, etc and coupon deals people have been sharing on facebook. This is great because with a newborn on the way and being unemployed I need all the help I can get! I haven't had a child in diapers in several years and a newborn in this house since 2006 so my memory is rather hazy when it comes to all the … [Read more...]

JJ Cole Collections Technique Diaper Bag Review & Giveaway!

You've heard me in the past tell you all about my love of JJ Cole Collections. Their designs, patterns, and their diaper bags. Oh their diaper bags. I reviewed their Mode Diaper Bag in the past and even after all my reviews on competitor bags my JJ Cole Collections Diaper Bag always comes out on top. So when offered a chance to review their Technique Diaper Bag how could I say no? Keep track … [Read more...]

POOP The Hilarious Fun Baby Shower Game!

Looking for a fun baby shower game? This game is sure to be a hit with all the guests! It was funny to see everyone's reactions. Some agreed that not only was it hilarious but incredibly memorable and others just found it gross and disgusting. This game was hilarious and the faces of the older woman there were absolutely priceless! Of course at the end of the game, they were the ones who had the … [Read more...]

#B2B Nicki’s Diapers – Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner for Cloth Diapers – Review & Giveaway!

As you know I do a lot of research on baby products. I was thrilled when Nicki from Planet Wise told me about her site Nicki's Diapers. Now only can I find all my favorite Planet Wise items in one spot but also many different products that I want to go with them! I can order all my favorite brands such as Bravado, bumGenius, Medela, Pediped, and more! The Planet Wise Diaper Pail Liner for Cloth … [Read more...]