{Wordless Wednesday} Sawyer’s 1st ER Trip

Oh boy! What a weekend. We almost got through it too. It was 5 minutes past bedtime but Sawyer was playing so contently. What were a few more minutes of him playing really going to do? Well, Sunday night it did quite a bit.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

 He fell right into his wooden activity cube he was playing with and sliced his forehead pretty good. At first hubby & I weren’t sure what to do. The bleeding stopped almost immediately and Sawyer resumed being happy almost immediately. My mom gut told me I needed to bring him in- at 9:30 on a Sunday night! Oh fun!

Cooley Dickenson Hospital Emergency Room

I have to say I really do like my hospital. We were taken back immediately upon being triaged. They gave us a room in the back. They remodeled a few years back and now all patients for the most part get a private room that comes with a TV. The remote kept him busy for the first 20 minutes- especially upon realizing it called all the nurses.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

It didn’t take long before he realized it was no fun at all being there. An over tired, hurt toddler in no fun come late Sunday night. I felt pretty darn helpless when he just cried and cried to the point where he wouldn’t even let me hold him anymore.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit
Remember those nurses he charmed? Well, they took pity upon him and gave him a popsicle.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

When all was said and done he ended up with 4 stitches. Poor baby was given some numbing cream right when we walked in. They tested the area before they put the first stitch in and he never flinched. you can imagine how quickly I cried along with him when they stuck that first stitch and he screamed like he felt everything. They had to inject some numbing medication which they warned would hurt him but after that they were able to get the rest of the stitches in neatly and fast.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

We were home just a few hours later and my exhausted little boy fell asleep almost immediately. I, on the other hand, did not. I laid awake all night. I got up quite often and found myself just standing over his crib with my hand on his stomach checking his breathing.

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

The next day he was extremely clingy. Mama certainly didn’t mind. We had a big cuddle day. It just breaks my heart seeing one of my babies hurt. All my boys have sent me to the hospital for injuries. Johnny was the most extreme sending us across state being intubated but Sawyer was my youngest to need stitches. I have a feeling Sawyer is going to be the one to give me my first grey hair!

Sawyer Boo boo Stitches- 1st ER Visit

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  1. Lauren (Lolo) says

    It is so scary isn’t it? My son fell by the pool and had to get stitches in his chin. He pulled them out that night when he went to bed. Ugh! Hope Sawyer heals quickly!

  2. Dee says

    Poor baby!!! I hate that helpless feeling when something like that happens.

  3. glad he’s doing better and you used your motherly instinct to take him to get stitched up!

  4. Jennifer DaMomme says

    It’s so painful for us moms when something like this happens. I hate not being able to fix something for my child.

  5. Poor guy!! I’m glad they were able to numb the stitches so he didn’t feel them! Our boys have both had to go in to the ER but they’ve been able to use glue for both injuries.

  6. joanna garcia says

    aww Sawyer hope you feel better soon! I will cry too with my babies, we mommies experience the pain with them! That was a very nice hospital staff in the ER! We like our local er too!

  7. Poor little guy! Thank goodness fr your “Mommy Gut”!

  8. Oh man, poor kiddo! That almost the same spot I got my first stitches too.

  9. Vickie Couturier says

    im glad he is doing better,,it never gets easy to see your kid hurting no matter how big they are,,,mine are grown an I cant stand to see them in pain,,now the grandkids im even worse,,I cant even stand to see them cry an they know it so im the big softee that lets them get by with a lot more than I should

  10. That’s so sad that he fell!

  11. Oh no actual stitches! It must have been pretty deep. Poor baby! Oh yes, cuddling might even be for a couple of days there Mommy! Some day you’ll be looking up at him and pointing to that boo boo, and saying, “I remember when… and you were so cuddly”! Then get a big bear hug from that young man! Awwwww

  12. Cynthia R says

    Oh boy that’s quite a gash. Poor little guy? The worst is waiting in the waiting area and then back in the ER. That could take hours, did you have to wait long?

    • Jennifer says

      We never even went in the waiting room. They took us right in. We did have to wait a few hours but at least we were in a private room with a TV at that point. It made it a little easier with a tired toddler.

  13. Poor little guy and I am sure the night was just as stressful for mama too. We haven’t had to deal with stitches yet (knock on wood), but I am sure it’s not too far in our future especially with how much of a dare devil Willow Jean has been lately.

  14. Sarah Hayes says

    oh no poor thing! I cant imagine how that felt to not be able to do much for him. but he looks so sweet asleep in his crib.

  15. Deanna Middendorf says

    Being a Mommy is one of the scariest and most rewarding jobs all at the same time. How does that even work? I am now a grandma and let me just tell you. It starts all over again so hang on to your hat and breath during that tiny break between now and never.

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