Teach me how to teach my son to POTTY TRAIN! Pointers? Tips? Anything? Help!

So we are on to potty training! The dreaded potty training! I went out and got this great potty at Walmart. When you pee in it, it will sing you a song! yay! Also, if you put the cover down it crosses as a stool for them to stand at the sink. Meet my new stool.

My 2 year old is absolutely obsessed with brushing his teeth so he is always at the sink! But…
My boy refuses to pee in the potty! I thought for sure it was just a matter of him not getting it and if I could just get him to pee in the potty just once and he heard the music and we all got really excited he would do it again and again.
Think again…
Last week I got him to pee in the potty and it was great the potty sang its song. Mommy, Daddy, and big brother all clapped and sang praises on what a big boy he was.
He clapped was all proud and now nothing. He doesn’t even care to sit on it. I now sit him on the potty and he points to the tub? What? Why the tub? Does he want to pee in the tub? That is so not happening. If I was to put him in the tub would he pee?
So, now I have to figure out what I can do to get him to pee again without forcing him to just sit there forever!
Anyone got any pointers for me?
It’s been so long since I had to do this!


  1. Mia Sophia says

    oh if only there were a majic way. All three of mine potty trained differently. The only tip I ever got that seemed to work was with my well passed 3 toddler. She was so intent on what she was doing she couldn’t bother going to another room to pee. So I took the potty chair into the room where she was. She potty trained THAT DAY! No more accidents, even at night! What a stinker. Funny thing is she is still so intent on what she is doing (at 16) and I still find her running down the hall to the bathroom! lol.

  2. mary jane says

    the 2 things that worked for my daughter was i started bringing her to the potty every hour or so (even if she didnt say she needed to go) and bribing her. i’m sure thats not the recommended way, but it worked. if she went on the potty she got a treat or toy. within a week she got it!

    good luck!

  3. The Pink Potpourri says

    since i don’t have kids, i’m not very helpful. the only trick i’ve heard of (which i’m sure you already have too) is putting some cheerios in the potty and having them “aim” at them when they pee.

  4. LazyTcrochet says

    My Mom’s best tip was to go without a diaper or to switch right to underwear and take him outside to play (in the warmer months). We got a little stool so that he could reach the real potty and that worked better than the little kids potty.

  5. NICO Designs says

    This happened to us. Our daughter was going and then STOPPED and refuses to use it. I tried the panties thing and she just peed on the floor. I tried bribing her–she only cried because she wanted those M&Ms. Yesterday she followed me to the bathroom and she sat on her potty. I did not saw anything, I just let it be.
    My Mom says that it is up to us to be boss and not let the two year old stubbornness get in the way. Umph. Too bad Grandma can't come and do this….

  6. eNVe says

    I haven’t gone through this with my own child yet, but I’ve worked with a lot of parents on this throughout my grad school training in child psych. Is there a chance that he’s not yet ready? The average age of potty training is about 3 to 3.5 so maybe he doesn’t have the actual voluntary muscle control yet.

    With that said, you can still get him used to the idea. Someone else already mentioned getting her child on the potty at regular intervals no matter if they have to go or not. You can anticipate when he might need to use the rest room (like after a meal or after he’s had a glass of juice or whatever) and have him just sit on the potty for 5 minutes, then reward him for just sitting on it (via sticker chart or something that he will respond well to.. which is not considered bribing.. bribing is when you give him something before he does the actual behavior you want.. rewarding is when you give it to him after you see the desired behavior–because he actually earned it).

    Something else you can do (if you’re going sans diaper during the day and he happens to wet/soil his underwear) is have him help you clean the dirty undies. That way he sees that it’s not so much fun when you don’t go in the potty. 🙂

    Not sure if any of this will help 100%, but good luck! I am so NOT looking forward to this challenge with my own kids.. but then again, it beats changing diapers all day!

  7. lowellandson says

    OK, not to depress anyone out there but my son was not fully potty trained until he was 4. They are ready when they are ready and if you try to make them it will just end in disaster. He could care less if I left him sitting in a wet diaper for hours. I chuckle to myself when one of our friends thinks her boy is going to be trained at the age of 2 (boys do tend to train later than girls). Oops I just noticed your boy is 2, you might have a long road ahead but you have already been through training your older boy right?

    So after saying that, the best tip I ever received was from my daycare/babysitter. When they are seriously ready to train and you are at home, put them in underwear with a pull-up over it. If they have an accident it will not mess up their clothes or the floor but it is very uncomfortable. That along with getting stickers toward earning a Thomas train and he was out of diapers in no time. Our favorite toilet seat was the padded one that just fit over the regular seat, very grownup.

    I feel very bad for those parents that HAVE to have their children trained for some pre-schools at too early an age. That is too much pressure.

    Good luck!

  8. Susan says

    First of all, you are a great mommy! I am 41 and have potty trained a boy and a girl…Neither one of them went to Kindergarten in a diaper! Every child is different and they will potty on the potty when THEY are ready. My son was 4 before he was completely trained. My daughter climbed on the potty at 22 months and never wore diapers again! Relax and just enjoy his youth. He will be a teen before you know it and you’ll wonder why you wasted so much time and energy on something you have no control over:) Have a great day:)

  9. Shaunna says

    So my mom likes to tell me how she apprently potty trained me. It didn’t work on my brother though. He’s a dork.

    Anyway, she said that one day she just told me we were out of diapers and couldn’t buy them anymore. So she wrapped me in a towel and told me I had to go to daycare that way now if I couldn’t wear big girl undies and go on the potty. I guess I was potty trained that day. Hahaha. I guess I didn’t think a bath towel was fashionable or leak proof.

  10. Mickey Johnson says

    such funny stories…i remember the potty training days. i started when my boys were at least 3 and they seemed to be ready…at least for the peeing part. i have a friend who tried “have the child help clean the underpants approach”…he threw up and then so did dad. i don’t think they would recommend that one! LOL, mickey

  11. niftyknits says

    we had a musical potty some 25 years ago! trouble was, it only repsonded to liquid. poor child sat there and sat there refusing to get off, room rapidly stinking….”but the poitty says I haven’t finished cos it hasn’t done the music”

    LOL I remmber a health visitor saying if your’e worried your child will never be trianed, go wait outside a school and see how many come out with nappies on – none. it’ll happen. I trained all of mine in the summer, whatever age. that way they can run around outisde and not worry! I also bought LOADS of really cheap undies, so there was never any worry about them all being in the wash.

  12. OliveStreetStudio says

    I just sucked it up and put the panties on my daughter with tight thermals over. 2 accidents, washed her off each time and asked ‘do you want to try again?’ and she did. Third time I didn’t put pants on and she ‘got it’. She asks to go to the potty, but there isn’t alot of lead-time with kids…if she needs to go, she needs to go NOW. We just use the potty ring that fits on the toilet seat – she likes to flush and I don’t have to clean out a potty instead of a diaper! :-0 Good luck!

  13. Heather says

    Don’t push him now Jenne, he’ll do it when he’s ready!! When he’s 3, then push him!! LOL

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