Dealing with Gender Disappointment

I wrote this post the week I found out the gender of this baby. I wrote it without the intentions of publishing it. Then last night I sat at Gavin's boys only tumbling class and looked around. I was surrounded in a sea of adorable little girls in leotards. His class had only 6 boys in it but the building was filled with hundreds of little girls. It's a stadium set up and we sit on a platform … [Read more...]

The Baby Is A

I was never the girl who could wait patiently. When it came to finding out the gender of my pregnancies it was never even a consideration of waiting until the baby was born. I just couldn't do that and honestly I don't know how others can. The moment I found out I was pregnant the next question was I wonder what is it! The moment I was given the date of the gender ultrasound the countdown began. I … [Read more...]