Megan’s Favorite Breastfeeding Products

Did you know August was Breastfeeding Awareness Month?  It has been said over and over "Breast is Best."  I read a million books, articles, and facts about breastfeeding before I had my sweet baby.   Here are a few fun facts I found about breast milk and breastfeeding: A breastfeed last an average of 16 minutes. Almost three-quarters of moms produce more milk with their right breast … [Read more...]

JJ Cole Paisley Nursing and Feeding Pillow Review

There are so many products out there to help while breastfeeding your baby. Various pillows, some large some small.   Then there's the JJ Cole Paisley Nursing and Feeding Pillow, which I think is perfect for both breastfeeding or if someone else is feeding baby.   The main thing for me is doing it comfortably especially since this is my first time.   The Paisley pillow is lightweight and perfect … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding/Formula Guilt

I know it sounds crazy. Why should I feel guilty? It's been two long months of the breastfeeding battle. One I have truly fought and won so how come now that its starting to get easy I'm feeling guilty over thinking about switching to formula. When I had Johnny I was too young. I was 18 years old and immature. I wanted to breastfeed in truth but the minute the nursing staff came in the room and … [Read more...]

Sharing Breastmilk – Acceptable?

This past weekend was beyond crazy around here. We had my step mother's birthday party Friday night. Then on Saturday afternoon into the evening we had a big BBQ picnic for the close of Johnny's soccer season. Sunday I was supposed to have girls night with Hubby's family but at the last minute it got cancelled. Thing is I breastfeed and it's hard to do all these functions. I'm not comfortable with … [Read more...]

Boppy Way To Go Travel Products {Review & Giveaway} $75 Value!

One product you can find me using for all my boys is from The Boppy Company. From the moment they came home I was able to use the Boppy Pillow to place them down safely and leave them in a way they still felt held. Sure, it's also an amazing breastfeeding pillow. Regardless of how you feed them it's a must have with any baby as it turns into a great place to place baby. In the past 10 years of … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Products That Rock!

I can't believe we're three weeks in already. I am loving having a baby in the house again but also loving that breastfeeding is finally starting to get a whole lot easier! If you've been reading my updates you'll know this time around breastfeeding and weight loss have been two issues we've been struggling with that has left me needing some products to make it work. I've been collecting products … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Update – Week 2

As you know we left last week struggling and fighting a weight loss that was leaving us with a threat of having to start supplementing with formula! We had an appointment set up for yesterday so I had five days to get his weight up. We left off at 6 lbs 6 oz and he needed to regain his birth weight of 6 lbs 13 oz and I didn't know what to do. I started the weekend following the advice of his … [Read more...]

Breastfeeding Isn’t Always What You Read

Breastfeeding is natural and easy. That is basically the angle of everything I read over the course of my pregnancy. I was so excited about this being the baby I would suck it up and follow through. With Johnny, I was just too young, a teen. I wasn't ready. I immediately went to formula after my midwife walked in and without warning pulled down my shirt and put Johnny to my breast. I was so … [Read more...]

Bravado Designs {The Essential Nursing Tank} Review & Giveaway

  Like my last pregnancies it wasn't my pants that were first in need of being replaced- it was my bras. In my past pregnancies it was also the one maternity wear item I could never find that ever really worked. I tried different brands and different styles but couldn't wait to get out of them. Then last year I entered a contest for a Bravado Designs contest and won it. So when I started to out … [Read more...]