{Wordless Wednesday} Sawyer’s 1st ER Trip


Oh boy! What a weekend. We almost got through it too. It was 5 minutes past bedtime but Sawyer was playing so contently. What were a few more minutes of him playing really going to do? Well, Sunday night it did quite a bit.  He fell right into his wooden activity cube he was playing with and sliced his forehead pretty good. At first hubby & I weren't sure what to do. The bleeding stopped … [Read more...]

Teach me how to teach my son to POTTY TRAIN! Pointers? Tips? Anything? Help!


So we are on to potty training! The dreaded potty training! I went out and got this great potty at Walmart. When you pee in it, it will sing you a song! yay! Also, if you put the cover down it crosses as a stool for them to stand at the sink. Meet my new stool. My 2 year old is absolutely obsessed with brushing his teeth so he is always at the sink! But... My boy refuses to pee in the potty! I … [Read more...]