Six Things You Learn As An Experienced Parent

When you first learn you're going to be a parent you can feel so overwhelmed. There are so many choices to make from picking a name, choosing which products to put on your registry and even where and how you plan on delivering your new, precious bundle. As an experienced parent, you feel much more comfortable and you're aware more of your personal parenting style; or at least you're starting … [Read more...]

Join The Luvs® Loyalty Program And Qualify To Win Diapers For a Year!

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Luvs®. All opinions are 100% mine. Diapers are always at the top of my grocery list. We always, always need diapers. My little Halli is also super picky when it comes to diapers. Not all diapers are created equal in comfort, and leak protection. The cost of diapers can also add up super quickly. That is why Luvs® is the best on my wallet … [Read more...]

Babies”R”Us & Pampers Want to Celebrate Your Milestone! {$200 Babies”R”Us Gift Card & Pampers Wipes #Giveaway}

I love Babies”R”Us. It's been my go-to for everything baby. Now that Sawyer is approaching two (insert CRY here) we're still heading to Babies”R”Us for all of our needs. If you registered, you likely registered at Babies”R”Us, and received a lot of your needs for that first year. When the gifts of diapers, clothing, and toys start needing to be replenished you can bet that you can find everything … [Read more...]

New Luvs NightLock Diapers {Review and #Giveaway}

You never fully appreciate sleep until you don’t get it anymore.  It is hard getting into a good sleep routine with a newborn or infant.  Luvs diapers has helped moms have more of a restful night sleep by helping baby have a peaceful night with their new Luvs with Night Lock diapers! Luvs with NightLock offers the ultimate in overnight protection for baby AND a good night ahead for Mom … [Read more...]

He Won’t Sit Still!!! Thank Goodness for Huggies Slip-Ons! #firstfit

My little guy isn't a baby anymore. He's a toddler. I keep trying to deny it because he'll always be my baby. Then I see pictures like this and I see the little man he is growing into and he's clearly a big boy. While he loves his mama and won't let me be far from reach- he prefers to be down and exploring. He doesn't want to be held down and he certainly doesn't want to have to slow … [Read more...]

New HUGGIES Little Mover Slip-On Diapers #FirstFit {Plus, $2.50 Off Huggies Coupon}

Diapers are a daily fact of my life. Having a diaper that can make sure it keeps my life as simple and his bottom as clean as possible is the key. When I had Johnny all those many moons ago we tried them all. Expensive brands, generic brands, you name it and the only diapers that didn't leak on us were HUGGIES. So naturally when I had Gavin I didn't even give it another thought and used them from … [Read more...]

Pampers has Swaddler is Size 4 & 5 at Target Now! Giveaway!

I love Pampers Swaddlers! I've been using them since the day I brought Sawyer home from the hospital. Wanna know something else? 10.5 months later we still haven't had a single blow out! I haven't leaked either! Now that he is wearing a size three was sad he wouldn't be able to wear them any longer but I'm super excited to let you know that now you can find sizes 4 and 5 at Target! For more … [Read more...]

New and Improved Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers and Wipes

When Johnny was a baby we struggled finding a diaper that worked for us. We tried competitor brands but they just didn't work. We ended up with leaks, blow outs, and rashes! When Gavin was born I didn't even bother with any other brand and bought Huggies Snug & Dry Diapers right from the start and made sure everyone knew they were the only diapers I wanted on my boys. Then when I found out I … [Read more...]

Pampers Limited Edition “USA” Diapers + Wipes {Review & Giveaway} $50+ Value!

I feel like I've been using diapers for ever and every time I get a child completely independent back I go having another baby. The problem is I wait just long enough where I'm back to square one and it's like being a new mom all over again. I had never used Pampers with my other boys but found a great deal on them and stocked up and they've been working really well for us since Sawyer was born. … [Read more...]