7 Fire Safety Tips to Help Keep Your Family Safe & Protected

Did you know most house fires happen in January? Did you know that my family lost our home 2007? We were lucky that our family was unharmed, but we lost everything we owned. I've always wanted to put together a post of all the things I learned from the experience that can help you prepare yourself in the event something horrible should happen with these 7 Fire Safety Tips. Many of these things we … [Read more...]

SafetyTat : Child Safety – The Tat thats brings kids back – Temporary Tattoos for Kids {closed}

We've all been there at one point. Don't deny it. I still remember when my 8 year old was 4 and thought it would be funny to hide under a clothing spinner in a local dept. store. I had only looked away for two seconds but that's all it took! He was gone. I darted to try and find him and it made things worse because he realized I went frantically looking for him. Luckily I hadn't gone far and he … [Read more...]

Kid Safe Inc.- Home Safety products and Helpful Hints Review & Giveaway!

I recently stumbled upon this great site, Kid Safe, that offers all sorts of safety items for kids for all over your home. They cover everything from kitchen safety, fire safety, stairway safety, and more! If you are looking for ways to baby proof your home this is the store for you! They carry all major name brands like Safety 1st, Gerber, Kidco, Mommy's Helper, Evenflo, Parent Units, North … [Read more...]