Baby. Number. Three.

Sorry, this isn't a post to tell you about a wonderful addition to our family, but instead the stress those three words cause for me. What many people don't  know is that for the past two plus years I have been TTC. See, I knew their might be some issues because I was told so before I had Gavin. I have PCOS and it's common to have fertility issues with that. However after having Johnny as a … [Read more...]

Johnny’s Halloween Spooktacular Birthday Party!

Saturday night we celebrated Johnny's 10th birthday with his friends. His actual birthday isn't for a couple of weeks but he really wanted to have his friends over (we normally have his party out of the home). We decided a Halloween party would be lots of fun and hopefully before the cold came so we could have it in our garage. Luckily for us Saturday remained fairly cool (well compared to … [Read more...]

Getting Back To The Grind…

How do you get back into the swing of things when you get back from vacation? I've slowly began attacking the massive piles of laundry that have built up from all of us. ~ Hubby and I had a great vacation just the two of us down in Naples, FL. I noticed though that when you leave the kids at home the camera rarely comes out. I don't have very many photos from the week at all. I took a pic of … [Read more...]

{Almost} Wordless Wednesday – More Wedding Pics!

Since I received so many compliments of the dress choice on the flower girl pic I posted last week. I thought I'd show you my dress. I loved that they were identical! She had a train on her dress even that had to be busseled like mine. I found out I was preggers while planning my wedding. I didn't want to rush the wedding up or get married pregnant. So we pushed back the date and got married … [Read more...]

Amazing Little Boy’s Outer Space Toddler Bedroom

If you are looking for a way to decorate your child's room in a fun and stylish theme than you need to look no further then Olive Kids! They have fun styles like Sports, Tea Pots & Polka Dots, Cowboys, and many more!When our family lost our home to a fire 2 years ago I was back to square one with the boys rooms. My oldest had the coolest glow in the dark moon and stars room that was … [Read more...]

Here are the Easter Photo’s I Promised….

Here are the Easter Photos I promised. I am short on time today....the weather is beautiful and I've decided to spend the day outside with my family are the photos I wanted to share with you. Some have short explanations too! Here are the rockin' bags I was telling you about before. The quality is awesome! I am so glad that I had LBsSewingSanity from Etsy make them for me! I would … [Read more...]

For My Home- My Life

So on another blog My Home- My Life was talking about the Halloween decorations that drive her crazy and I was telling her about my mom's neighbor who goes crazy every year with Halloween! These are some of the pics I took that don't really do any justice for the yard. I didn't take nearly enough photos to show it all but I was trying not to let the home owner catch on to me taking pics … [Read more...]

{Falling Leaves}

This is our back yard I should really take a pic from our bedroom to really get the effects of the colors in the trees. With the sun shining so brightly behind them it hard to really see the color. That's my boy practicing soccer near our fire pit for smores. I know I rarely post pics of my kiddos on here (something about pasting them on the internet, I have a family one for that LOL) but I … [Read more...]

Our Carved Pumpkins!

The other day the kids & I went pumpkin picking. We carved our pumpkins just the other night. We got the templates free online from The Pumpkin Lady. I had bought one of those pattern books that came with the tools last year. We made some cool pumpkins from it. I didn't feel like spending the $5 on the book again especially since I had washed and saved the pumpkin tools. So, I searched online … [Read more...]