Here are the Easter Photo’s I Promised….

Here are the Easter Photos I promised. I am short on time today….the weather is beautiful and I’ve decided to spend the day outside with my family so… are the photos I wanted to share with you. Some have short explanations too!
Here are the rockin‘ bags I was telling you about before. The quality is awesome! I am so glad that I had LBsSewingSanity from Etsy make them for me! I would definitely purchase from her store if you’re in the market for an item like this one 🙂
I leave trails throughout the house starting at the foot of their beds for them to follow!
I wrote with my left hand so no one would recognize LOL

G quickly realized the small baskets from last year weren’t getting him far. He ran and got the dump truck LOL
Um, 7:30am…..enough chocolate?
7:30 pm crash
Oh! And here is our new playground I’ve been talking about! We are SO happy with it!

Sorry I didn’t write much! I didn’t have much time but I knew I promised you guys the photos…and I want to be a girl who keeps her word 😉


  1. CraftGirlAlli says

    I love the photo of when he finally crashed! My little one did that same thing. He didn’t nap all day (we had Easter AND his birthday).

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